" David said to God".

To thee my Lord, if you cannot see, you will not have the vision of your day. (Psal.123:1-2)

"To thee i lift up my eyes,

- If you need your help open your eyes to God, inside of you has to be the cry out for desire serving him more.

- All our needs are mate and provided by Our God, just open your eyes.

- Your prayer each day gives you the courage and trust in God that he is in control of all things. "O thou who are enthroned in Heavens". this word it need to have our spiritual eyes opened for you to have full confindence in God.

He controls all thins in Heaven,you will not touch heaven by your natural hands,and see effectivly by your natural eyes, first lets get into his presence, we will be able to see all things by the way he sees things.

- The servant has all trust in the eyes of his/her master.

- For peace and good,he/she will always know that my master cares for me.

"You and me, we are greater than any servants, we are his sons and daughters in the Kingdom

" Look to the Hand of God",

"Open your eyes that we may have good communication with the Father".

"So our eyes look to the Lord our God. until he shall be  grecious to us,( You and me).