Volunteers are wonderful, but wouldn't you love to have just the ones that love you back and only listen to what you have to say and love everything you do? REGARDLESS OF THE GOOD OR THE BAD? OF WHATEVER YOU SAY OR DO. In Short being surrounded by "YES" Men and Women. Seeing you as being almost god. NOT REALLY WHEN YOU CONSIDER THE END OF IT ALL. Wake up and smell the coffee! After awhile that type of adoration grows weak; as the familiarity develops and begins to stink, gets stale and tastes funny maybe even burnt. The really good volunteers are self starters and full of energy and willing to sacrifice personal comfort and recognition for the greater good of the organization; they have come to see as worthwhile volunteering in. They don't really ask much for themselves, or of other volunteers around them except that they do the best they can with what they have, and are given a little latitude to get the job(s) done with a minimum of mistakes and hopefully free or of very little cost in perspective to the real cost of hiring it out. They may or may not be professional in their own right and or approach to the task at hand. They view the results as mandatory and the doing of it as a means to an end. The Mission statement is really important here. It doesn't hurt to recognize a job well done, when one is due, nothing big, extravagant, or lavish, just some peer recognition and perhaps a card or letter of thanks. Really talented, well trained and experienced volunteers are far and few between and require a little more coaxing and genteel handling or maybe even a sterner approach given any personality quarks between the organization and the person involved. Really good volunteers, like Love in God's word, look for ways to do well. Provide for the good of the people around them (their co-workers) and the organization and community as a whole. They may ask more questions or make more suggestions then the average volunteers you are used to getting; requiring some additional latitude and patience until they learn how things work and who is ultimately responsible for what area of organizational supervision. Asking for and getting volunteers is at best a mixed bag of blessings, and as members in particular In the body of Christ Jesus we all bring to the table a little pot luck of our own making. And add diversity and spice to the mix in our communities. Cast the Vision, write down the details and keep them simple and remove the rocks of offense and obstacles to getting the job done. You make it plain and all that read it can understand and run with the goal in mind. Volunteers are great! Help them accomplish the job by supplies plain and simple instructions and a clear and direct chain of command to link into. Until we Meet again inJesus.com; May the only True God of all grace and favor keep His Loving Kindness foremost in your life and that of all our families and associations. In Jesus Name we Pray, Amen Randall Jacobsen