Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 2:20 PM
Subject: Miracle prayer request

Blessings Everyone!

We need your help in joining together in prayer, battle and belief for our friend Kathryn.  She is under a severe attack and has tried everything she knows from western meds. to you name it....nothing works. (She is trying everything and now is willing to look to God)
She has fibromoalgia and has so much pain she constantly has to wear morphine patches in the amount that would kill most 350 lb. men.
Her doctor informed her a couple of weeks ago that they were dropping her as a patient with no explaination. She has gone to nearly 70 other doctors here in the last couple of weeks, everyone is refusing to take her on as a patient. She has enough morphine to make it to Dec. 24th.  When she is out, her heart stops beating and she ends up in ER. This has happened before. No one will help her, no one will prescribe her meds. in intense amount she needs to deal with the pain. She has 3 children and is scared for them to see her loaded in an ambulance on Christmas.
This is a matter of life and death!
God is her only option, all the other doors are being closed.
She is a new Christian and needs faith imparted into her to believe God for her healing and supernatural deliverance from the morphine!( since no one will help wean her off of it)
Along with this, she is barely making it financially. It's hard for her to keep a job because of her pain that keeps her in bed. Her source of support has decided to stop giving her what he is suppose to. Once she is healed and free of the intense pain, she can work. She is really trying and really needs our prayers and help for favor and miracles!
Please pray for her! She is so sweet. She is always trying to help people, she is such a giver of everything she has.  She needs a miracle! She needs to know and see God is a God of miracles, He is her only hope! She needs complete delieverance from the pain (fibromialgia) and the narcotics.
Please send a request to all prayer chains you know! I believe we will see a miracle as God's warriors  join together in prayer for her!
To God be All the Glory!
Thank you all!
Dan and Nichole Lawrence
Living in Glory Ministries

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