This will assault the religious spirits out there. Please read this as it is a great explanation on getting high on the Holy Ghost.
Take a big step forward!
By the way, we're buying 10 of these CDs. If you want one let me know.
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New Music Album: 'Toking the Ghost'
with John Crowder & Benjamin Dunn

We are excited to announce a new music album "Toking the Ghost" that will be available for release in July. This is a joint music project between John Crowder and Benjamin Dunn that will surely rock your paradigm! This is a party CD geared to open you up to new realms of joy, bliss and holy intoxication. We have geared this project for heavy drinkers. While many ministries have prayer or "soaking CDs" these days, we have decided to crank up the juice and produce a "toking CD"! We are now offering pre-order options for those who would like to have a copy shipped quickly from our first production batch as soon as they arrive in July.


CLICK HERE to hear sample tracks from the album and to pre-order a copy now. Cost is $15 plus shipping.


Be careful, as this album could turn you into a serious Holy Spirit junky! While recording the tracks on this CD, I must say that Ben and I were experiencing wave after wave of heavy ecstasy for several days straight. The Glory of God was present even more so than we normally experience and I can assure you that nearly every track will have you exploding with crazy joy and encounter. Buy extras to freak out your religious friends and to spread the joy!


Toking the Ghost: Why Christians Must Redeem Drug Culture, Part I


Ever since I first became a believer, I have had a constant addiction to the Presence of God. I do not know of any other way to live the Christian life, apart from a loving compulsion to continuously be near this God of Gladness. One of the primary things the Lord showed us years ago was that intoxication on Him is the very essence of "first love." God is not interested in your dispassionate praise or disinterested service. He is going for the depths of your heart strings. The thing that intoxicates you to the core is the very thing you worship. There is a deep, inner craving that draws us outside ourselves and into the realms of divine ecstasy. This is our inheritance as children and lovers of God. The only kind of love that will lay down its life is a love that has transcended life itself.


Supernatural pleasure, inner raptures, ecstasies, trances and visionary encounters are our Biblical inheritance as believers. Sadly, the church culture of today has become far removed from true, joyful experiential Christianity. Instead, it has morphed into a mere classroom on ethics, while losing the true core of spirituality and encounter that are freely available to all believers who choose to access the open Heavens of the cross. The great revivalist John G. Lake explained it this way, when discussing trances:


"Now what is a trance? A trance is the Spirit taking predominance over the mind and body, and for the time being the control of the individual is by the Spirit; but our ignorance of the operations of God is such that even ministers of religion have been known to say it is the devil."[i]


We are tired of seeing the church forfeit over inner trance experiences to drug culture, new age and the occult, which can only offer counterfeits at best and demonic counterparts at worst. As believers, we should be the most intoxicated people on the planet