Generation Gape:

In this generation that we live we need to have good eyeisght, "and the people served the Lord all the days of Joshua,and all the days of Elders,who survived Joshua who had seen all the great works of the Lord,which he had done for Israel";

why we have such confusion in the body of Christ today?what about all our political leaders and the scintific world of today?if you dont konw, you will not be able to see, now even the future to come.

Judges 2:7-13

"And there arose another generation after (them) Joshua and the Elders-"who did not know the Lord,nor yet the work which he had done (for) Israel;

-If you dont have your eyesight,you cannt see anything for sure, spiritual even physical.

-Wars,diseases,sicknesses,and fearfull things on Earth,this very things happened in time of Gideon.

13vs, Gideon says  to the angel," And where are all this MIRACLES which our fathers,told us about?

This is the time we are living in, generation gape, people who nor longer believe in the things of God anymore, people who are duble minded cannot even see the power in Gods word at all, churches that we have failed to Trust in our God for all things, we are moved by the change of the climate, and scintifical world,we cannot see How great is our God.

- we cannot see because we are blind.

- we are fearfull because we lost our sight.

- we cannot achieve because we are out of the way.

Gideon said,"But now the Lord abandoned us and given us into the hand of midian"

Have your eyesight in Jesus Name today, repent and say ye to the Lord, he will serve you.