The Coming Red Horse

When we read the book of Revelation, we read about the seven seals and one of the seals includes the rider on the red horse.

Traditionally, the rider of the red horse will bring violence on the earth.

In recent months, there seems to be looming global politics and domestic conditions emerging spirits of violence.  First, listen to the rhetoric.

Look at the Iranian crisis.  There are some people who side for the Iranian government in their right to develop nuclear power.  While the United States and other nations are concerned that nuclear power will be used to attack and annihilate the existence of the nation of Israel or be used by terrorists against the United States or against the coalition nations, inspite of the United Nation's warnings, Iran continues to develop its nuclear objectives.  Coupled with Iran are the intentions of North Korea.  China and Russia continue to support Iran's right to develop uranium.

Within the United States, domestic rhetoric is running on the hostile side.  Many Hispanic immigrants are here illegally.  It was estimated that over eleven million of them are here without proper and legal protocols.  Peaceful protests are occuring all over the United States today as these immigrants are asking to be recognized for their contribultion to the American economy.  Yet inspite of the peaceful protests, there seems to be a growing negative rhetoric between both sides of this issue and time and patience are running out on both sides of the issue.

Now, let's look at Iraq.  American mindset does not fully understand what really undermines the formation of democratization of this nation.  The various sects intend to remain "pure" and any kind of compromise and negotiations which exist within a democractic society directly offends the strong sectarian spirit that makes immediate negotiations very difficult and near impossible.  One of the reasons how democracy succeeds is the ability of people to compromise and negotiate change.  But, in Iraq, the three major religious-cultural groups are dogmatic about maintaining the purity of their cultural boundaries and find compromise to offend the very core of their belief system, not to mention their familiary with historical violence.

The rider of the red horse is in the pre-historical skies and we are getting a glimpse of things growing out of control.

Now take the polarization over the LaCrosse players v. the alleged victim at Duke University.  Today, the New Black Panthers are having protests near the campus, leaving the students in a very uncomfortable situation.  The media is bashing the accuser, believing that she is less than credible.  Many others are defending her for fear that in not doing so many victims of horrible rapes will not come forward.  On the other hand, there are many others who are defending they young men accused of raping this young lady, sensing that the story does not line up enough to measure such an evil act.  While we pray for the truth in the upcoming trial, the polarization alone is feeding potential violence on our streets and causing racial lines to re-emerge.

The Natalie Halloway case in Aruba is also creating renewed hostibility between the United States and the government of Aruba.  Recently, the Halloway/Twitty families filed suit against one of the young men in Aruba.  The lawyer of this young man has gone on the offensive and is now preparing to file suit against those who have publicly maligned the character of the judge's son by proclaiming his guilt without either a dead body or the support of the legal process from Aruba. 

And while I am writing this article, pending cases include a husband who is accused of killing his wife and child in the Northeast and other cases where professional women are seducing younger minor boys and getting softer sentences then if the situation was reversed and an older man seduced a younger minor female.

The rider of the red horise can now be seen in shadowy form.  The Christian must look beyond the need for a spiritual high and count the cost of time and the eschatalogical chronology of the unfolding of the book of Revelation.

The rider of the white horse is already riding the skies.  The politicial system is corrupt and encouraing unrest on the earth.  Now comes the shadowy figure of the rider of the red horse and violence both in rhetoric and action are in prophetic forms.

When will we awaken and begin to travail before God.


Keep yourself pure and fly beneath the radar!


Adrian Earl Yuen, Ph.D.