When we think we have no choice…

Proverbs 24:26 An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. (NIV)

We may think we cannot do many things when we are burdened down and
in great pain. We may think we have no choices. We may think there is
no end to our plight. We may think we cannot deal with things as they
are. However, when we are in the deepest darkness, we must be willing
to admit we can be wrong and we must be willing to admit we can be
deceived. When we think we have no choice, we must be honest. For
when we have Christ alive within us, He gives us the power to do many
things we cannot normally do when we are burdened down. When we have
Christ in our life, our pain may not stop, but our victory over the
pain can still be achieved. When we have Christ in our life, we have
many more choices than we think we have if we are honest about how
things are and what we have done and not done. When we have Christ in
our life, there is for us a great and victorious end to our plight.
In Christ, there are victories to be won every minute. In Christ,
there are triumphant moments every moment. In Christ, we have won
even when it seems we have been pounded down in utter defeat. In
Christ, the trials and heartaches of this life grow dim as we come to
Him seeking His healing love. In our life, there is more to life than
the reality of our trauma and tragedy. In our life, we have a
mountain of great power where we can go and kneel down in prayer. In
our life, our mountain of great power is a place called Calvary. For
it was on Calvary, a place where Christ suffered more than we have
suffered or will suffer, that our victory over every moment of our
trauma and tragedy was won. For it was on Calvary, that Christ died
to set us free forever.

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Dr. James Friedman is Senior Pastor of Greater Christian Ministries
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Dr. Friedman is a teacher, preacher, visionary, author, play writer, songwriter, personal and business life coach and motivational speaker.

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