Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by New Hope Church E-Prayer Chain ( on Saturday, December 1, 2007 at 21:52:20 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Tom Hoefling Request: Pastor and church leaders, Because of the deep dissatisfaction he was experiencing concerning the current field of candidates, and their refusal to address the true crisis facing America, Dr. Alan Keyes felt compelled to make a late entry into the presidential race. But, I'll let his own words speak to this, after which I'll explain the purpose of this important message: Presidential Candidate Forum, Ohio Christian Alliance Alan Keyes October 11, 2007 MODERATOR: Ambassador Keyes, tell our listeners in the next few minutes why you are running for the presidency of the United States of America. ALAN KEYES: "I'm running for president because I think this republic is collapsing. I think our system of self-government is being replaced by a system in which we will be dominated by foreign powers, by globalist institutions, by self-seeking corporations, instead of having a government of, by, and for the people. "This collapse of our national sovereignty and the sovereignty of our people is taking place because we have abandoned the basic moral principle on which this country was founded: that our rights come from God, and that therefore we must exercise them and apply them with respect for the authority of God. "In every area, we are finding that this retreat from principle is leading to the destruction of innocent life in the womb, the collapse of the family structure, the loss of our self-confidence in the defense of our borders, and finally, a misunderstanding of what the war on terror is about, since our aim must be to defeat the forces that disregard the claims of innocent life, in violation of the fundamental principle on which our country was founded. "And I don't hear anybody else articulating this vision which makes it clear that we are urgently involved in an effort to save our republic, to save our system of self-government, and that effort especially depends on reasserting our allegiance for the basic founding vision and principles that our Founders put in place for this country. "I'm just sick of all the people dancing around it and acting as if we're dealing with this issue and that issue and the other issue. There is one issue, and all these other issues are like the fissures and cracks in the wall that bespeak the collapse of the foundations. "It's time we dealt with the real problem, articulated it with vision, and faced it with moral courage. And that is what my effort is about: to call people together on the common ground of our faith in God and our acceptance of the Declaration's principles, so that we can once again become a government of, by, and for a people who have reclaimed their active citizenship and reestablished real liberty in this country." The transcript and audio of the entire interview can be found here: Which brings me to why I'm writing to you today. A great grassroots team of dedicated Christians has been working tirelessly to get Alan qualified for the ballot across the country. He is now on over a dozen states' primary ballots. But, as of today, Saturday, December 1, we are still falling short in Illinois. By next Wednesday, December 5, we must turn in the petition signatures of 3000 or more Illinois registered Republicans to the state. So, I'm asking that a few, or many, of you will print off the following petition form and gather as many signatures as possible, at least one hundred, between now and Monday afternoon. At that point, we will have to begin the process of gathering up the petitions that have been completed. This is the form: I am available to answer any and all questions for anyone about any aspect of this important task, either here in email, or via phone. Let me know if you're able to do this, and we can then talk about how we get all the forms pulled together in Springfield so they can be submitted in time. In Christ, Tom Hoefling America's Revival 312-848-1605 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------