"The official voice of Victory Harvest Ministries"
Greetings from The Roach Family
and the Victory Harvest Ministries Team

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of Jesus to all of our dear friends, family and co-workers in this great Harvest Field!

I've always been intrigued with the Scripture that says "let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich..." How can we do that? Only by faith in Jesus Christ, for He is our strength when we are weak, and He makes us rich in Him!

God is setting His plan in place for Laval. The river is getting deeper, wider, and richer. We thank The Lord for the way He is preparing Len and Michelle for full-time ministry work. They have grown so much in the past few months, and are willingly taking more and more of the responsibility of the Church in Laval. We all know that we cannot continue to Pastor two Churches indefinitely ourselves. Since opening the new Church in Brownsburg in May, we have felt the extra weight and stress of it, but are confident that God has a plan. We want to be careful to follow where He leads us. Len's preaching has been so anointed and the time around the altar at the end of the services has been powerful! God is faithful!

It's amazing how a new baby renews your zest for life! We're finding this to be true about this new baby Church as well. There have been 15 - 30 in the Sunday afternoon services, and the Spirit of the Lord is so powerful! This region has seen the closure of 7 or 8 Churches in the past 7 years. Even people who don't go to Church talk about it. The Church we are in was getting ready to close as well, but God had a different plan! We are so thankful that God has sent Keith & Roxanne Reid to help us in the Brownsburg area. We are already blessed by their willing attitudes to help in any way they can. It is a great encouragement to us. We can feel the hunger for the Lord in this area! It's strong! We also ask for your prayers as we wait for the owners of this building to tell us how much they want for it. We are asking God for a miracle!

We are still thanking God for our two weeks of Camp this summer! Thank you so much for your prayers! The children and young people of this area desperately need the Lord in their lives. In the midst of a rainy season, we had a couple of other groups that used our campground as well.
Last weekend, we had our annual Married Couples' Retreat. We really had a wonderful time together as my brother Jason, and his wife came and shared with us! Everyone is still talking about what an awesome time we had together! We had a lot of good laughs, but also some great serious times of teaching and learning.
In a couple of weeks, we will have our annual Ladies' Retreat. The ladies look forward to this each November! It's a great Spiritual "time apart".
As is normal with a campground, it requires a lot of physical work. We took the tent down ourselves this year again, and have been busy cleaning up the grounds, and getting the firewood ready for winter. If you would like to organize a team of workers, you don't have to go to a foreign country - you can have a Missions' trip right here! There is always something to work at! We have also been busy trying to build a garage to put our firewood and everything we don't want buried in the snow in. This week we got 6 inches of snow! Hopefully, it is just a warning - we have so much to do before winter gets here!! Pray for us! We really need it! Last year, we had such an abundance of that white stuff, our firewood got buried. We put up a tempo over the boat, and other things that had been donated to us, to protect them from the snow, but it collapsed under the weight of it, on top of everything! What a job to get things out from under that so they wouldn't get ruined. I'm not sure how God determines how much to give each one of us, but I'm sure He wants us to be good stewards of what He gives us. We know it all belongs to Him.

This coming week our youngest grandchild turns one year old! The other two just nicely turned 3! Len and Michelle are expecting another one in January! We've learned that it is a boy! This will make 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter!! We are so blessed. They are all healthy, vibrant and so entertaining!! We love every minute we have with them. Estelle and Mark still live 7 hours away, so we don't see Murielle and Samuel as often as we see Titus. All three of them are amazing! Titus will have so much fun with his little brother. We can hardly wait!!

CURRENT MINISTRY NEEDS (For Prayer and Finances)
1. We need wisdom and spiritual strength to minister in two Churches.
2. Physical strength to do all that needs to be done, and work the camp.
3. Pray for the lost souls in Quebec.
4. Pray for marriages, that God will be in the center of each couple's lives.
5. Our personal finances as our income goes down in the winter.
6. We still need $3,500. before December 15th for Camp Insurance.
7. The purchase of Victory Harvest Church - Brownsburg.

There are no words to describe how much you mean to us! Thank you for your encouragement, your prayers, and your finances. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter! It means that you care about the Work of God in Quebec, and about our ministry. We would be nothing without the prayers of God's people. We mean that sincerely. All of the wonderful things that we have seen the Lord do here have been directly connected with someone who is praying and interceding for that. Thank you for being faithful. Only eternity will reveal how much impact has been made against the powers of darkness because of your individual sacrifice. We love you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Please pass this newsletter on to someone else! God Bless you richly!

Our purpose is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Quebec.

Our mission is bring new life to the lifeless and new hope to the hopeless through the love of Jesus!

Our vision is to plant churches throughout the Province of Quebec


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