What Is Your Mission?
Promised to post this and still could not until today when it just began to flow. God placed this on my heart:


As we walked through Ezra we could clearly see he was a man on a mission from God. As we enter Nehemiah we will see even more clearly, he too was a man on a mission from the Lord.
Recently He revealed to me I am in a Kairos season that has been accelerating for several years now. His timing to disclose what we need to know when he gives us a mission could be days or years especially in a kairos season.
Kairos is God's calendar time. It is a prophetic timeclock. It means God is bringing something to pass that began in time past and NOW is the season for it to be fulfilled.
It is off the clock as far as normal time is concerned. It ignores 24 hour time, a seven day week. It is God's timing.
When Peter states, a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day to the Lord he is speaking of Karios time.(2 Peter, chapter 3)
Our calendar time is Chronos which represents the seconds, minutes, hours and days by which God orders our lives in the world.
Karios takes us outside of Chronos time of every day life, to enter a prophetic timetable already established by God and no man or woman, no devil in hell can alter it, stop it or hinder it. It has been established by God and He brings it to pass and fulfills His plans and purposes within it.(See Amos 7:12-17)
There are many example of a Karios time or season in Scripture and Nehemiah is a clear example of one of those seasons.
In a Karios season any plans we may have must die to expose God's direction and plan. We are taken out of the normal every day to a prophetic place and journey that weighs heavily upon our hearts and minds.
Kairos always has a connection to something in the past and God is always bringing it forward without our understanding until his preferred moment.
An example is Joseph being set up by his brothers and ending up in Egypt. Kairos.
You don't have to understand it, God does. It generally will make no sense to you until the NOW  time arrives. Even then you will have to lean hard on the Lord to walk in it, to see what he sees and follow Him.
Another aspect of Karios is that others may not see nor inderstand even if they are involved such as Joseph's brothers, the baker, the cupbearer to Pharoah. We may take it for granted because we have been given the details from the Word of God, but imagine being a part of it in their time.
Another example of Karios is Apostle Paul who was Saul. He persecuted Christians and watched, giving consent as Stephen was stoned to death. Yet God had a plan for Saul even then and in a NOW time, a Karios season, brought him in line with destiny. "Behold he prayeth..."
Most beloved and cherished for us as believers was our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who came into the world in a Kairos time and walked toward the Cross to die for the Sin of mankind and rose from the dead to give us Eternal Life. Every step drenched in prayer.
It is a life that can only be lived by and through His Spirit through the blood He shed on the Cross at Golgatha.
When He sent us His Spirit to dwell in believers for the first time it was a Karios season as they gathered in the upper room praying as the fulfillment of Pentecost came to pass. The Holy Spirit was sent at a moment in time determined by God alone destined before the foundations of the world were in place.
As we read through Nehemiah let us see an Old Testament Karios season and how the enemy comes to stack the obstacles one against another to hinder, alter and stop the re-building of the Temple.
We will see the people of God grow tired and weary. We will see Nehemiah digging deeper into prayer and standing by faith against all obstacles and warfare against God's plans and that God is surely with them against impossible odds.
That is what a Kairos season represents, a thing that has impossible odds, circumstances and challenges. Watch Nehemiah closely as he shows us how to walk in a Karios season with the Lord and be victorious as we come out on the other side. Glory to God!
I know this may not make sense or connect to all who read it but there will be some of you, of this I'm sure who know you are in such a season NOW.
Shut in, shut out, nothing making much sense but God is leading and guiding, speaking and providing. You've been waiting in what may seem like a strange place in your life, uncomfortable with each passing day, as God lines up things in heaven and in earth to pour out your provision for the right time and to make doubly sure you are prepared.
If God be for you who can be against you? What is your Mission NOW, not yesterday but NOW?
Some say you can miss a Karios season but you cannot. You cannot alter what you did not establish. Remember our Lord Jesus Christ as a perfect example. Things will come to pass as they should.
LUKE 19:40-48
One example used is when Jesus said to Israel they had missed the time of their visitation. It was a karios moment for Israel indeed. In that moment missing the time of their visitation was the fulfillment of a karios season. The point of the season was the Messiah, not Israel.
Had Israel responded to their Messiah it would have unraveled the entire Old Testament from beginning to end. They did exactly what was required of them in God's prophetic timetable. We can only mis-represent what role we play in it and still,  God's perfect will in a Karios season shall come to pass.
I will Post Nehemiah next week. Pray.