What makes all the difference in the world is for the individual to EXPERIENCE the dealings of God in this hour, and to have been given Revelation in answer to a God-given quest for Absolutes.

It is one thing to, in many different settings and reasons, objectively try to accept and understand the "message", but quite another to have gone through a "coming out" birth-pains experience with God....Over the years having suffered continued separation and a going forward with progressively revealed Truth.

While we still respect and honor the vindication of major prophets and those used to restore Truth, it almost becomes secondary to having experienced what the prophets are talking about. It's like, we don't try to identify with the message and the prophet, but find that our experience and the dealings of God in our lives line up with the Biblical account of God's called out people and present day prophetic Truth. This is the vindication and confidence of all true elect.

When a God-given "deep calling unto deep" causes individuals to press on in God, unsatisfied....until they apprehend that for which they have been apprehended of God, THEN we have a proving of the elect in this hour. But just objective "reasoning" and trying to convince...is not even how God's endtime ministry functions. He is still in the business of "hewing them out by the prophets".

This is why we are often inspired and empowered by Jehovah Eagle to stir up their denominational nests and pull out from under them their carnally manmade props. God is exposing and proving what they are made of.

If they are true seed they will receive gladly the dealings of God as a divine priviledge and the revealed Truth as Life itself from the dead.


So, what do you think is the proving of the elect in this hour? What characteristics or identifiable traits and experiences do you think sets God's elect apart from all others?

It has to be more than just believing and receiving the vindication of a certain prophet and his message, because there are many varying interpretations of that vindication and message. It has to come down to a Biblical pattern of the dealings of God upon those called out and predestinated individuals.

Or else, how do we "make our calling and election sure"? What do we measure ourselves by, and by what standard of experience do we prove our election...if not by Biblical patterns of how God has always dealt with His people?

In fact, if one goes through the life stories of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob they will see the pattern of God's dealings upon the life of a new Testament child of God in the sum of their successive generations.

Here is an excerpt from Watchman Nee's book entitiled, "The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob"

Why do Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob occupy such a special place in the Bible? It is because God wants to select a group of people to come under His name and to make them His people. Beginning with Abraham, God began to gain a people. God had a spiritual beginning with Abraham, and He did something in Abraham for the purpose of showing us the necessary experience that God's people have to go through.

All of God's people have to go through the same kind of experiences. He did something in Abraham first, giving him some particular experiences, and through him He conveyed these experiences to all of His people. The nation of Israel is founded upon Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Hence, God has worked not only in Abraham, but also in Isaac, giving him some particular experiences, and through him He conveyed these experiences to all of His people as well. Similarly, God did some work in Jacob, giving him some particular experiences, and through him He conveyed these experiences to all of His people. The dealings which these three received before God and the experiences they went through culminated in a people of God.

Hence, the total experiences of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the experiences that all of God's people should have. The attainments of these three should be the attainments of all the people of God. It is not enough to make us God's people if we merely have Abraham's experience. It is not enough to make us God's people if we merely have Isaac's experience, and it is not enough to make us God's people if we merely have Jacob's experience. We must have the attainments of Abraham plus Isaac plus Jacob before we can become God's people.


The way God has dealt with me is the way He deals with all called out elected sons of God. He let's a person go along in their immaturity for a time, and then when He sees fit He sends someone (or experiences) into their life to rebuke their ignorance and awaken them to a further and deeper birthing of Truth and maturity.

I love that about God. He has never soft-soaped or lolly-coddled me into anything. He loves me too much. When the heart needs further uprooting and breaking up of fallow ground....do you think there is a painless way to harrow and cultivate that soil? If you do...you're deceived by denominational sloppy-agape and greasy-grace!

Each new level of maturity in God calls for birth-pains; or else it is a painless birthing of still-born rejects. This is what the Mother Whore and her harlot daughters brings forth. God says, "give her a miscarrying womb and dry breasts"!!!

7 Before she travailed, she brought forth (the Mother Whore); before her pain came, she was delivered of a man child. 8 Who hath heard such a thing? who hath seen such things? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? or shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed (the true church), she brought forth her children. Isaiah 66:7-8

One is painless and counterfeit; the other is painful and real!

This is where some are missing it terribly. Those "little ones" are growing up unto full maturity...ready to be manifested as full grown sons in a divine ceremony called Adoption. (Typed by Jesus at the River Jordan). There is a PROVING of what seed we are of. Experiences, God's dealings, and our acceptance of Truth all proves what seed we are of.

Are you ministering seditives to denominationals...or letting the Word take full effect in people's lives so that they can experience a super-NATURAL birth?

Are you unknowingly feeding people with birth-control pills? Just enough of the real...laced with seditives...to prevent a true birth?

The wheat and the tares are no longer in the immature stage where it's hard to tell the two apart. That was back when we had to be polite and give the benefit of the doubt to the mixture around us, not really being able to tell the two apart. 

But we have come a long way since then, and the Word is "forcing the issue" with individuals...placing the elect in the Father's barn, and through deception and carnal motivation....gathering the mixed multitudes into denominational bundles.

It's funny, even back in the early 80's when I first got saved I remember it bothering me that Matthew 13 said that the wheat and tares had to grow together. I guess it was that predestinated seed resisting such disorder. Thank God it is harvest time now and the separating time is here.

Where will you be? Where are you now? What gathering are you in?



 Hosea 6:2  "After two days will He revive us: in the third day He will raise us up, and we shall live in His sight."

-The Remnant are Returning. Foundations are being Restored. All Breaches are being Repaired. The Body of Christ is Rising!