Dear 2TheHeart Family,
I am so excited to announce I am re-releasing my book, "Angel's Legacy" this Spring!  It has been nine years since I first published the story of my truly amazing sister's life. (Can you believe it? NINE years!) 
I am including in the new Angel's Legacy more stories (many of which I wrote just for this new book, so its readers will be the first to read them!), new photos, a new cover, and just overall adding to it and re-vamping it.  Angel passed away April 30, 2001, so I hope to have it published in time to honor her this April 30th.
The reason for this email is to ask those of you who read the original "Angel's Legacy" to send a review which I can include on the back cover of the book.
If you would be so kind as to ponder on how reading Angel's Legacy impacted you and write a brief review (you can look at the backs or fronts of other books to see typical reviews) and email it to me, I would deeply appreciate it! Reviews need to be 50 words or less including your name. They can even be just one line. I can have just a few on the cover, so I will let you know which ones are chosen. I won't be able to use all of the reviews, but will also try to include some inside the book.  I will include your name, so only send me a review if you are comfortable with that. You can also have your business or occupation below your name if you like.  If you aren't sure you can send a review that is typically used on book covers, please just send me your feelings and thoughts and if your review is chosen, I can help you frame it or shorten it, or whatever needs to be done. 
I am deeply grateful to all the 2TheHeart family who flooded my mailbox with letters over the years after reading "Angel's Legacy" the first time and would be so honored and grateful if you would help me with this!  Each person whose review is chosen for use in the new "Angel's Legacy" will receive a complimentary copy of the book!
If you need to re-read parts of "Angel's Legacy", you can find a link here: (Click on "free preview") or at Barnes and Noble's website.  There is also a chapter excerpt available here:
Thank you so much!
Blessings, Susan Farr Fahncke