"With different eyesight you can overcome all things".

"Then David spoke", whit all his confidance,with different eyesight and different prespective, he said. What will be done for the men who kills this philistine,and take away the reproach from Israel?

-There things has been in your life too long in Jesus Name whom i save it must  go now.

- There is a situation that you have been in for too long in Jesus name the Lord and king of all kings,reapet after me in Jesus Name, be free,receive your Miracles,Gods word is true and forever,and ever more.

" Listen to this; " Now Eliab his oldest brother heard when he spoke to the men,

- Dont loose your forcuse when man heard what you just have said.

- Different eyesight you climb any mountain of words in this world.

- Different eyesight you will have the vision of the future, you can see the reward after hard working.

" Dont give up".