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Are You Betraying, Denying or Selling Jesus?

John Siefker

Now I want to ask you, every one of you, even those that might have heard this before:

  • So who is Jesus to you?
  • Who do you think Jesus is?
  • What have you have been taught, even thought or believed about Him?
  • Is the Jesus you claim to know - the Jesus who came and die on the Cross for you?
  • Do You Truly Know Jesus?
  • Or Do You Just Only Really Know About Jesus?
    (there is a big difference in knowing Jesus & only knowing of or about Him)
'To know Jesus' means to have a close, personal relationship with Him; which is "talking with Him, being obedient to ALL of His written Word & to ALL that He speaks to you to do."

I know many people will say: "oh - yes, I have said or prayed a prayer in repeating what someone else was saying or praying" but was it from your heart or your head?

But if you truly know Jesus, you will be a transformed person and your life will be completely changed forever.

You will be a reflection of Jesus in ALL that you say and do to everyone around you because of your relationship with Him and you knowing Him.

You will not live our life the way you use to, like:
  • doing your own will instead of His Will,
  • doing the things that you use to do or
  • even saying those things that you use to say
- before you repented of our sins & came to know Jesus.

You will not have to say one word to anyone about knowing Jesus - because they will both see and know it.

So again I ask, "Do you truly know Jesus"?

Now again I also must ask you:
  • Who or what do you love the most?
  • Do you love the world?
  • Do you love the things of the world?
  • Do you love Jesus?
  • Do you truly love Jesus - more than any things else - not just saying it from your head but from your heart, as your life will reflect it - which are your words and actions?
That is the question.

And what is your answer