We're already running up on Christmas deadlines. A growing team is working on distribution of the Star DVD and a possible book. Negotiations are going well with strong partners. Genius Products may do DVD distribution. Thomas Nelson, the world's largest Christian publisher, would like to be part of the Star this year. Arranging conventional retail distribution takes longer than you might think. We're working out how all can move in parallel on a fast track racing for Christmas. Plus, all must guess how many copies to manufacture, best promotional avenues, and on, and on. The Lord knows where good people are, and He is drawing them. The studio that mixed the audio for the Passion has been nominated for an Oscar for Apocalypto (Best Achievement in Sound Editing). They are now at work on our Star DVD for December. Excellent! It's a bit of a running game now. All involved need creativity, speed and efficiency, in good measure. If you have time, please join me in prayer. "Father, most of us have been parts of teams. We have experienced the need for leadership and togetherness, even as each of us burrows into our part. Please provide such guidance now to those of us who are laboring in organizations. You see the whole better than any manager could. Please guide. On the Star, please help us make deals that will maximize the glory you receive. Help us spot the issues that might blind-side us. Thank you for continuing to bring the best talent to bear. You have brought us so far. We're eager to see what you will do next! We pray in the name of Jesus, amen." Rick Frederick A. Larson The Star Project 111 University Drive East, Suite 220 College Station, Texas 77840-1700 USA (979) 846-6078 ricklarson@mail.com www.bethlehemstar.net discussion forum: http://www.quicktopic.com/25/H/CcTUhjFADSin5 giving: http://www.charitybox.com/star --