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GREETINGS IN THE NAME OF THE LORD! Please note these updates are also posted online in the Message Archive (if any trouble accessing this information by email).

CLARIFICATION: Please note the original note included Conference Call Time at Eastern Standard Time (EST). Be aware for Alabama - and any on Central Standard Time (CST) - that the Call is at 8:05pm - 9:05pm CST!

Southeast Prayer Conference Call: Tuesday, Nov 27th (
8:05pm CST

In addition there will Southeast Conference Calls (same call-in number) to build upon the foundation laid for the next four Tuesdays (Nov 27, Dec 4, Dec 11, Dec 18).

"God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; That thy way may be known upon earth, thy salvation among all nations" (Ps 67:1-2)

Southeast Prayer Call: Tuesday, Nov 27!

Please note the following strategic opportunity to join together by conference call with this specific focus, being facilitated by Jacquie Tyre (GA-USGAPN) from Georgia that has expanded to include leadership and representation from throughout the Southeast (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN).

This week Dr. Negiel Bigpond will be joining us - a Christian Native American leader recognized nationally, with roots in the South, and with great sensitivity to issues concerning the Land.

See the following invitation to you and to be forwarded as appropriate.

May the LORD open the heavens and cause even the desert to bloom and rejoice as we turn to Him who alone can quench the thirst of man and beast, fields, and even earth and land that groan in the present crisis ...

John Buhler

Prayer For Rain over the South Conference Call, Tuesday, Nov 27, 8:05 pm CST
Jacquie Tyre, GA-USGAPN
Nov 26, 2007

Showers of blessing,
Showers of blessing we need.
Mercy drops 'round us are falling,
But for the showers we plead.

The words of this old hymn have been rolling through my mind and off my lips for the last several days as God has blessed us with rain drops of mercy across our region. Gratitude fills my soul -- but for the showers, we plead.   

With our faith being fueled by the rain showers, and even the thunder storms, that have come after each of our last two prayer calls, we sense Holy Spirit beckoning us to rally again, actually for the next several weeks up until Christmas, to join our hearts and voices as one to beseech heaven on behalf of the dry and thirsty land of the Southeastern United States.  Our land, spiritually and naturally, is in desperate need of the Lord's showers of blessing.

Consider these latest statistics, taken from the U.S. Drought Monitoring Source: (

  • North Carolina: 100% in drought, with 41.9% at D4 status (D4 rating jumped from 20.9% a week ago.)
  • South Carolina: 100% in drought; with 30.6% at D4 status (D4 rating slightly up from 30% a week ago.)
  • Alabama: 98.7% in drought; with 49.8% at D4 status. (D4 area is up from 46% last week)
  • Georgia:  92.1% ib drought; with 36.9% at D4 status (D4 ratings remained steady over last week.)
  • Tennessee: 82.3% in drought; with 23.9% in D4 (Down from 35.1% rating last week and 44% three months ago)
  • Mississippi: 64.6% in drought, with 15.2% at  D1, 0% at D2-D4.  (Note:three months ago 30+% of the state was at category D2-D4 and today the percentage of D2-D4 areas is 0%!)
  • Kentucky: 56.4% in drought; with 15.5% at D3 status and 0% category 4; (Last week 1.7% was in category 4)
  • Florida: 55.2% in drought; with 4.6% at D2
    (CATEGORY EXPLANATION: D2=Severe; D3=Extreme; D4=Exceptional)

Natually, we need rain - not just a quick deluge, but steady periods of consistent rainfall to saturate the land, refill the lakes and rivers, and replenish the atmosphere with moisture to bring forth the needed cycle of rain into the region.

Spiritually, we need the rain of the Holy Spirit  -- not a flash-flood that quickly subsides, but a steady rain of His presence to soften hard hearts, to saturate the soil of our lives with the very life of God, and cause the river of living waters that are within us to rise and flow out to those around us who need to drink of the water of life found only in Christ Jesus our Lord. We need the reign of God to rule over the Church in this region and to bring Godly influence through the Church into our communities.

There are issues that need to be addressed to break the spiritual hardness that has held back the rains from this region.  If we will pray . . . God will hear and forgive our sin and heal our land.  He will send the rain.

In last week's conference prayer call, Linda Heidler (Glory of Zion) brought forth Psalm 68 as a key strategy for our region.  She pointed out that in Psalm 68:6, the word for rebellious actually means to be stubborn, unmanageable, like an untamed animal, as a son who refuses to submit to his parents, or as one who casts off restraint and indulges in lusts and sexual immorality.  The consequence of being rebellious is to "live in a dry land."  However, the blessing upon the place where the presence of the Lord rests is the "heavens dropped" (like the skies trickling forth rain), and God sends forth "plentiful rain."  As the south gate of the nation, we are to be the place where the presence of the Lord rests.  Therefore, it is vital that we repent and be cleansed of all rebellious actions and attitudes, and that we welcome and properly host the presence of the Lord.  This is not only for our benefit, but for the entire nation.   

While most of our region has received rain over the last 14 days, with recordings ranging from just a trace to 3 to 4 inches in parts of the greater southeast region, we must press on to see the full effect of this drought broken.  We believe the Lord has given us a mandate to continue to stand in the gap on behalf of our region and nation to deal with the issues the Lord has highlighted for us that cause the heavens to be shut up and the rains to be withheld. So, our plan is to continue with Conference Calls for the next four Tuesday nights, November 27th, December 4th, 11th, and 18th. After December 18, we will evaluate what we are sensing and determine the best way to proceed, if needed, through the holidays. 

Tuesday, November 27, Dr. Negiel Bigpond will be joining us to speak to the issues of the land crying out for relief, specifically as it relates to issues of justice and the Native American peoples of this region. We have also invited prayer leaders from Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, South & North Carolina, and Kentucky to join us, and are waiting answers from several as to their availability.  Our focus will be to pray for the entire region, crying out for justice and righteousness to rule and reign throughout the land. 

Prayer for Rain Across the South Conference  Call
Tuesday, November 27, 2007
8:05 pm - 9:05 pm

Attendee Dial-in #: (605) 772-3500
Attendee Access Code: 497162168#

Please spread the word to your friends across the region to join us for these prayer calls -- and let's storm heaven with the prayers of the saints to see the release of an abundance of rain to saturate this dry and thirsty land.

For His Glory!

Informed Intercession - Fervent Prayer and Decisive Action