Hi folks

It's been a while since the last update but the atmosphere is starting to change here and expectation is rising amongst people "Is it Ireland's time?". Here's are some words from around the country. You probably have heard Wendey Alex's word to Todd Bentley which said

"And my son - Yes to the isles far across the sea this shall go
Even Ireland shall be touched by this FLAME
And the Netherlands  and Sweden and Europe"

Yep! Things are about kick off here fairly soon. The reason I know is I had a dream 4 weeks ago in which

"I was driving fast along a road which had a lot flash floods on it. The car sped through the water and was soaked. Then it went into a section of road with less water around. I then noticed that my car and others around me were getting low on fuel. As I looked up I saw a Sunami Wave coming towards me and I positioned my car; ready; and started to surf the wave as it swept in'.

We have had a tough time for a while; to use Justin's phrase "a pruning for the abundance". The dream speaks about the pursueing after God and getting soaked in the Spirit along the way and then coming to the recent stretch where the fuel seemed to be running low. Where I am at puts me squarely in that time line and now I position my myself (car) for the Sunami Wave of the Spirit about to rip across this land. Position yourself; as Todd keeps saying if your humble you will receive.

We have had a prophetic word passed on to us by Moirin
"A vision came forth of a wave that came and just TOUCHED the East coast of Florida IT ONLY
TOUCHED it was ONLY A TOUCH and and turned back on itself out across the Ocean. We couldn't see where it was going. As prophesied now at revival meetings in Florida the wave is going from Florida over to the UK but "I say to Ireland you have not been forgotten!!!!!!!!
Saturday I had a vision of the Lords hands. One was over Florida and the other was over Ireland and HE had a BIG beach ball ORANGE AND GREEN in HIS hands HE was tossing the beach ball from one hand to the other. To Florida then to Ireland. Then to Florida and then Ireland back and forth and HE SAID IRELAND I HAVE NOT FORGOT YOU!!
Then HE started to bounce the ball looking up at a basket ball hoop and said get ready I never miss the shot... Then I saw out of heaven a huge wooden cross come down across THE WHOLE of Ireland. North South, East and West. WITH SUCH AN IMPACT....I could sense the power WACK!!! As it hit across Ireland top in the North, Bottom in South East and West in Dublin and Galway it burst into massive flames. Ireland GET READY!!! !!! Wack!!!!!WACK BAM The Spirit of God say "Florida only getting a TOUCH of what I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The content is very similar in style to the way Austral-Asia is going to be hit according to the prophetic word given by Todd's colleage from New Zealand

 After speaking to a good friend John he said he had noted an advertising campaign saying "Ready or not here I come" and felt it was a timely word for the hour we are in.

Are You READY ?. Ireland's time has come. Position yourself now in anticipation of the Sunami Wave of the Spirit about to rip across this land.


Mark & Liz Gray