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    2 Corinthians 6:1-11

Dear Father, blessed bestower of grace,

As your servant I commend myself to you as your will may require:
Through great endurance, if need be - afflictions, hardships,
calamities, beatings, imprisonments, tumults, labors, staying
awake, hunger! Through goodness - purity, knowledge, forbearance,
kindness, the Holy Spirit, genuine love, and truthful speech.
Through the power of God - with weapons of righteousness for the
right hand and the left. In disparity - in honor and dishonor, in
ill-repute and good-repute, treated as an imposter and yet true, as
unknown and yet well-known, as dying, yet behold I live, as
punished but not yet killed, as sorrowful yet always rejoicing, as
poor yet making many rich, as having nothing and yet possessing

In the name of Jesus, who suffered for us, I ask for the grace and
will-power to live according to his example. Amen.

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