Christ’s Hope International, PRAYER REPORT, April 2009

****Day of Prayer and Fasting****Monday, April 6, 2009****

Christ's Hope International – INTERNATIONAL OFFICE
As we celebrate our 6th Anniversary let's rejoice in the goodness of our God who has sustained us and provided more than what we asked for. His faithfulness endures forever and His mercies are new every morning. PRAISE HIS NAME for all the lives that were touched during these years by the many volunteers, staff, donors and Board members!

International Training Department:

* For God’s Peace in the midst of challenging times.
* For financial provision this past month.
* Relationships building with local pastors who minister to International Office staff at Thursday Chapel services.
* For funds to provide a solid floor for a staff member’s house.
* For Faye’s life, her birthday is on the 19th of April.

* Wisdom in dealing with staff challenges.
* Wisdom in managing time more effectively.
* Funding to complete the first phase of developments at the Training Centre.
* Insight and understanding in drafting new policies and amending existing ones.
* For good health as we enter the winter season.
* For continued growth of healthy interpersonal staff relationships.

Projects and Development

* Thank the Lord for sending Gerard from the Netherlands to work in the International Office for the last three months. His servant’s heart was felt by all and we are sad to see him having to return home.
* Praise the Lord for the work on the security wall around the Okahandja MPMC. The trenches have been finished and we are pouring the foundations so we can start building the walls.
* Give thanks that the Mount of Olives church in California is sending a team to do some construction at the ARK in Keetmanshoop. They will be doing some much needed repairs.
* Thank the Lord for the hard working men that are working for us at the MPMC in Okahandja digging trenches, pouring foundations and building walls.

* Pray that the funding for all the building projects will be released.
* Pray for Gerard as he returns to the Netherlands. We pray that God will continue to use this young man to make a difference where ever he goes.
* Pray for the team from the Mount of Olives church. That they will be able to raise all the money that they need to accomplish His work while they are here. Pray that God will use this team to continue to raise the awareness to the needs in Africa.
* Pray for the men we have working at the MPMC in Okahandja building the security wall; that they would be safe and that their relationships with God will be strengthened.
* Pray that the funding for the International Office vehicle repairs will be released soon.

Christ's Hope International - DRC
* The many contacts that are being made. There are some strong relationships growing between Christ's Hope DRC and local churches as well as local organisations. Different churches have already invited Christ's Hope and many keep in touch with us.
* The enormous ministry opportunities. We have been asked to give presentations of CTW in different settings: organisations, schools, universities. Most of them are just waiting until we start the training!
* Two couples we met who work with another Christian organisation. Step by step we are building a relationship with them.
* Three churches who opened their doors for Kids Clubs. In April four Kids Clubs will be held. Three are on the premises of churches with volunteers from those churches. One is in collaboration with an organisation that also works with orphans.
* A team of faithful people who are translating for us. Many documents have already been translated and those volunteers are so faithful and they do a job of great quality. Praise God for them!
* A school who asked Christ's Hope DRC to come and do a program with their children. We will be teaching basic principles of Gods word in that school on three different days in April. The principal asked us if we could start CTW in September and if a CTW-club can be started after school or on Saturdays.
* A house. Together with you, we've been praying for a long time. We have one more meeting with the owner but we really believe that God has answered prayers! The owner is a good friend of ours who lives in Belgium. He is the pastor of a Congolese church in Brussels. He is even considering giving the house to Christ's Hope DRC rent free for the first few months until funds come in! If this really happens (and we'll keep you updated), then God really has done a big miracle! Let's keep on hoping in Him. (Ps. 33)
* A trip we are going to make to Belgium in May and June. We've been praying for invitations to go and speak and today the departure is almost upon us. God answered prayer again!
* We received news from the treasurer of Christ's Hope Belgium that some funds are coming in for the ministry in the DRC!
* What He is doing here. We really see things are moving and we believe God will keep on going. Thank Him for what He has already done, for what He is doing and for what He will do.
* His protection and provision. So far, we have no safety problems or health issues!

Pray for:
* Our visas. We handed in our applications during the week of the 23rd of March. Our current visa expires on the 1st of May. We really need a miracle from God in this, in view of the circumstances in the country!!
* A bank account. There is still an old bank account, opened by the previous board. We need to get the signatories to sign a document saying that they 'hand over the account' to the new Steering Committee. As long as we have no bank account, we cannot receive funds.
* A Steering Committee. A lot of time is needed to build a good steering committee. Because we don't know anybody here, it's very difficult. However, we do have people in mind who could really serve here. We hope to have a first Steering Committee meeting at the end of April.
* The translation and printing of the needed CTW materials. People are eagerly waiting to be trained and schools are keen to start the CTW courses.
* The four Kids Clubs that are scheduled for April. This is a totally new venture and it's really a step on the water. Pray that God will help and guide us in every aspect.
* The former board members of Christ's Hope DRC. Some of whom need to help us with final papers and official documents.
* Our attitude. We are often nervous and we do panic about things that are not going according to our plans and timing. Pray that we may learn how to leave everything in His hands! He knows better.
* Pray that He may provide our needs and that we may learn to fully surrender to Him and His plans!
Thanks a lot for your faithful prayer support! Don't forget: 'Prayer is the most active part of ministry'. H. Blackaby


* Safe arrival of Samantha, Short Term Volunteer from US. We are grateful for her love of children and music as she blesses everyone in NOVC and CtW.
* Improved communication as the policies and guidelines for the ministry here on the ground are starting to bear more fruit.
* Kisumu office getting an overhaul by the new landlord.
* The continued flow of water as the drought has not let up.
* The funding that came through from the Netherlands for the CtW, C&C and NOVC; we are able to continue assisting, teaching, caring and encouraging.
* Even though personal support is down all full time staff and long term volunteers have been able to meet their needs for the month.
* Completed Home Base Care training for all C&C caregivers who are eager to implement all that they have learned.
* Another partnership agreement in place and able to have the written and signed documents to assist with honesty, integrity and accountability as NOVCs are able to now to receive nutrition assistance.
* Country Director receiving respite as he has taken leave for the month of March.
* The hard work and extra hands of all International short term and long term volunteers.

* For those on the ground doing the everyday ministry; obedience, putting others first, ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts and minds to follow Christ only.
* Some newly trained teachers are finding it difficult to start a CtW class due to sickness and university strikes. Please lift them up so that God can use these obstacles and turn them into stepping stones of victory.
* All clients of C&C and students of CtW as well as children of NOVC to have fertile hearts and minds as they hear and see truth being shared.
* As God stirs the hearts of the givers to have courage and obedience; freely receive and freely give. To have fully funded programs.
* For God to raise up and affirm; God fearing, faithful, honest, hardworking, skilled individuals. Both local and international volunteers to join us full time in the ministry.
* For God’s wisdom and discernment as we apply His word to our lives and the ministry.
* For the Kenyans to receive the training and see the great importance of hygiene, sanitation and clean drinking water as part of prevention. To utilize the PuR (purifier of water) that has been donated.
* To have the mind of Christ; that we will be one as He and the Father are one. No self agendas.
* Communication!
* Divine understanding that crosses cultures so the local people can receive and apply truth.
* Transition of bookkeeper in Kisumu; continued system, controls and detailed files.
* Rain and Reign! For our Sovereign God to send the needed rain where the drought is now bringing death to animals and farmers are not able to start the planting. For the body, believers, to allow Christ to Reign in every part of our lives and ministry.
* Dave and Jenn’s travel to Germany and US, 2nd of April – 7th of May; for meetings, family time, doctor’s appointment, support and full time volunteer recruitment.
* Several short term volunteers will be finishing their service to Kenya in April. Pray for their transitions of travel and re-entry to their country, families, community and work.

Christ's Hope International – GERMANY

* Goods for containers keep coming in.
* 9 volunteers have been trained for their outreach.
* New volunteer applications keep coming in.

* European meeting of Mobilisation Nations in Herborn (April 4 and 5).
* Financing is needed for our building in Herborn.

Christ's Hope International - NAMIBIA
Country Office

* Praise God for the way He continues to be in control of our lives and the ministry. We continue by His grace and mercy. All glory and honour to Him.
* For how He has sustained us despite all the challenges we have on a daily basis.
* Praise God for the necessary papers being approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Pacific Academy Team got exempted from paying their visas at the very last minute. God was totally in control!
* We are grateful to God for the vehicle that was made available for the Pacific Academy team by the Ark Keetmanshoop. We also thank God for the teams visit, they have touched many lives, it was a true blessing to have them in the country.
* We continue to be grateful for the volunteers who come and assist us in the ministry as they really are a great help to us. We also want to thank God for the Mobilization countries, for all their efforts to recruit volunteers and make funding available so we can do the ministry.
* We want to thank God for Beulah and Jennifer as they are a new addition to the Country Office.
* We praise God for the rain that we received during the last three months. The country is beautifully green and it is good for the farmers. At the same time we need to pray for our people in the North of the country as they are really struggling with floods, especially in the Caprivi region.

* We want to pray and ask for great health since winter is going to be here soon.
* Continue to pray for favour with Ministry of Home Affairs. We are still waiting to hear about work permits we submitted in 2008. Please pray for the work visa applications that have still to be submitted.
* Continue to pray for Berdian as he leads the ministry in Namibia. For his health and continued strength.
* Also pray for sufficient funds for the Namibian Ministry to be able to cover all expenses and be in the position to appoint more workers. Please pray for the finances of the Ark Rehoboth, it has been struggling financially for over 2 years now, and there has been NO sustainable growth in their finances. Pray for wisdom from God to know how to move forward with the ministry in Rehoboth.
* We would like to organize a staff retreat and a camp for the children for the May holidays. Do pray that we will have sufficient funding available. Also pray that all the logistics of planning the two events will be successful.
* Please continue to pray for Caroline, may God protect her and keep her safe where she is.
* Please pray for accommodation in Windhoek. We urgently need a house to rent for our staff. Houses are extremely expensive in Windhoek. Do pray for a miracle from God.

Choose to Wait
* The Introduction workshop the end of February went well. I trained two Nigerian teachers who are teaching here in Okahandja. Hopefully they will join our team with clubs and become full Choose to Wait teachers both here in Namibia and when they return to Nigeria. (Timothy and Gladys)
* We had another teacher training at YWAM the end of March for their teachers and a few others in the area who are interested. Contact was made in Arandis and also Windhoek and interest is rising. God is blessing the message of His word through this programme!

* One of our local teachers Pelgrina has been sick off and on and needs a physical healing. We need her healthy and strong!
* The need for Choose to Wait in Arandis is critical. We met with several pastors and discovered that in 2008 - 30 high school girls were pregnant. These pastors and our contact there, Boniface is eager to get teachers trained and to begin teaching Choose to Wait in that growing community.
* Pray for me (Catherine) as I travel to the states and hold a training session on Choose to Wait, as well as visit with family and contact partner churches with ministry reports. Pray for safe travels, health and strength, and success with ministry contacts.
* In general, we need more Choose to Wait teachers – trained and qualified to teach the programme in all areas of Namibia. The doors are open wide in communities, churches and schools. Pray for more workers and the necessary funding!

Ministry Centre and Ark Rehoboth
* Thank the Lord with us for His continual care and provision toward us. He keeps our children and staff safe.
* We thank the Lord for the in-kind donations we received during the course of this month. This is a great way to know that God is taking care of us. That He keeps on providing for us.
* Parents of our volunteers visited us. It has been a great blessing to have them here with us. The father of one of the volunteers took it upon himself to do some maintenance on the playground. How good it is to see children enjoying themselves! The other made it his mission to work on the Venture. This has really been a blessing to both the staff and the children. We are grateful to the Lord for showing His commitment to us also in the small things.
* Praise the Lord with us for the Canadian team. God has brought them safely to Rehoboth. They have ministered to our community in the Choose to Wait and Orphans and Vulnerable Programmes as well as in a local youth group. Praise the Lord for the fantastic work they have done within our community. To the children and staff at the Ark they have also been a tremendous blessing.
* We are so grateful to the Lord for our volunteers. They are a great and blessed help at all times. Judith and Giovanni are serving in the Choose to Wait Programme and Roelf, Germa and Joanne are doing a very good job in the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programme. Apart from this they also help out with school work of the children and chores in and around the Ark.
* Praise the Lord with us for the great start we had in our Choose to Wait small groups which took off at the beginning of March.
* Thank the Lord for the blessing of unity among volunteers and staff members. We are working very well together.
* One of the Volunteers and her parents went on a trip through Namibia. They arrived safely back at the Ark.
* We are thankful to learn that one of our volunteers, Judith will be staying longer with us.
* Pray for Godly wisdom on how to serve Him successfully so that the ministries will be successful and that we will have the courage to do our work in God’s will.
* One of the Volunteers is leaving in late April for a visit home to the US. Pray that her foot problems are quickly resolved. And pray that the Lord leads her as to when she should return to Namibia and that her work permit renewal gets approved before she leaves.
* Pray that the ministry at the different Ministry Care Points will be successful and that God always guide us in the right direction. Pray that God will help us in the vision we have for our Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Programme. That we will be able to do what is needed in order to serve the children in our community better.
* Pray for the ongoing protection and good health of our children.
* Pray for the continual financial support for the ministry in Rehoboth.
* Thank God that one of our staff members and a volunteer was able to take part in Orphans and Vulnerable Children Database Training; please pray that the programme will be successful and that the families will give their full support in order to make this program successful…
* Keep on praying for our volunteers for continual motivation as they are serving here.
* Please pray for our staff. They are overworked and very tired. Please pray for ample opportunity for them to rest and take care of themselves and their families.
Ministry Centre and Ark Okahandja

Philippians 1: 4-6 In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

* We praise God for his divine protection on our lives, thank God for the new season he has started at the Ark.
* Thank God for a safe trip for Ndemufayo. She arrived safely in Canada where she will stay until September.
* We are grateful for Sarah a volunteer from Germany who served here at the Ark, she has really been a blessing to the children and the staff.
* Praise God for the new house parents. We are very positive about Danny and Frieda who have joined Christ's Hope Namibia again after a two years break.
* Thank God for his protection of our property, we haven't had any further break ins.
* God is faithful; he has been providing funds every month so that we can buy the needed medication for Maria who is suffering from asthma.
* Most of the leakages on the roof are fixed but we still need to do some more renovations in and around the house. We are very thankful for Tony, Gerard and Mapunja from the International Office and some local workers who assisted us with renovation and maintenance.
* Thank God for Catherine who continues to assist us with study time twice a week. She is a qualified teacher and helped to set up a special home studies curriculum for three of our children with learning difficulties.
* Thank God for Donovan who has adjusted so well. We have transferred him to the Ark Rehoboth where he can play with many other children of his age. Donavan is originally from Rehoboth and this move will give him the opportunity to see his grandmother and other relatives on a regular basis.
* We are grateful for the good cooperation with the local Social Worker. She is assisting more and more in this transition period.
* Thank God for three of our volunteers (Anne, Annelies and Sara) who are assisting in the Choose to Wait ministry here in Okahandja in addition to their work at the Ark.

* Continue to pray for the safety of our children, volunteers and staff and for the protection of our property. Do pray against further break ins.
* Please pray for a smooth handover of responsibilities by Julia to the new house parents.
* Continue to pray for Julia that God may give her strength and guidance towards the next step.
* Please pray for John to get his driver’s license. May the Lord give him understanding and open this door for him.
* Stand with us in prayer for one girl who is very depressed at the moment.
* Do pray for the school situation of Jan, Bonnie and Selma. They are in need of a special school that addresses their learning difficulties in the right way. Unfortunately vocational schools are rare in Namibia and the waiting lists are long.
* Please pray for Auntie Sophia that God will restore her health and give her strength for each new day.
* Pray as well for the handicapped man who helps us here at the Ark to maintain the yard. He is widowed and struggles to provide food for his five children.
* Continue to pray for wisdom, patience and love for all staff and volunteers in regard to the children but as well for each other and every little task.

Ark Keetmanshoop
THE LORD keeps close watch over the whole world, to give strength to those whose hearts are loyal to Him.

* Thanks God, we are doing well at the Ark Keetmanshoop.
* Praise God for local businesses that bless us with gas, maize, milk, cheese, viennas, juice and yoghurt.
* Praise God for our staff who worked longer hours while some of the staff were ill and at home.

* Pray for Christiaan & Rita’s new work permits, for health, strength and wisdom.
* Please pray for one of our boys who suffers from a Conduct disorder. We are really at our wits end, pray that God will work in a miraculous way in his life and that he will change. Looking at the situation ONLY GOD can bring about change!
* Pray for the health of our children, staff and volunteers in the Ark.
* Pray for improvement in the schoolwork of four of our children.
* Pray for travelling mercies for two of our volunteers who will soon be returning to their homes.
* Continue to pray for great wisdom as we deal with our children daily. Pray for patience to assist them in growing up to be godly children.
* Pray for continual support for Ark – Keetmanshoop; be it financially, or in the form of human resources.
* Pray for the children in Grade 10 to be motivated and eager to do their schoolwork and to study hard.
* Also pray for our children who start with examinations to be keen to study and to remember what they have studied.
* Pray for the kids clubs that the sharing of God’s Word will fall on good soil and change the lives of the children.
* Pray also for protection of the volunteers and Susanna doing Kids clubs in the community.

Ministry Centre Oshikuku

* Praise God for the introduction of the Choose to wait programme in the schools.
* We thank God that the students are keen to start Choose to wait clubs.
* We are thankful to God for the openness of the community to the ministry and for the enquiries received.

* Pray and trust with us that God will call a Ministry Coordinator as well as the establishment of a good and committed local board.
* Please pray for continued and sufficient funding to properly operate the ministry.
* We are trusting God for workers in the areas of CtW and Ministry Care Points as soon as we have leadership and a board in place.
* Do pray for the quick fixing of the Laptop as this is the only efficient way of communication between the ministry in Oshikuku and the Country Office.
* Strength and wisdom for Lazarus, Leila and Elias as they are the only full time paid staff.
* Health and healing for the orphans and vulnerable children we serve as well as the Care and Compassion clients and their families.
* Do pray for funding for the ongoing maintenance of the building.

Christ's Hope International – TANZANIA
* We thank God for the gift of life, His protection and the privilege to serve Him.
* We praise Him for the provision of our various needs.
* We praise God for supplying food for our street children; we can now give them at least a hot meal three times a week for several months.
* Praise God for the house that we’ve allocated for office.

* Pray that we will be able to pay for our office soon and that we will be able to move in and utilize it for our ministerial purpose.
* Pray that we will be able to cater for the renovations that are required, pray for the funds.
* Pray for international volunteers and teams, who will be willing to come and work in Tanzania for an extended time especially in Choose to Wait, kids clubs, CtW clubs, administration, construction, health and OVC, which includes feeding programs, discipleship and school (Academics).
* Pray that we will be able to conduct CtW teacher’s training soon this year, we need to visit several schools every week for CtW/discipleship classes and there are not enough teachers. We pray that God will provide us with the necessary funds to accomplish this goal, also pray for the funds to cover the day to day administrative costs for this ministry e.g. Fares, materials, etc.
* Pray that we will get the money needed to pay for the ministry van which can reduce the transport costs on day to day ministry activities.
* We pray that God will continue to supply food for the street children that we can continue to give them at least a hot meal once every day as they proceed in learning the word of God.
* Pray that after the past Board training, God will raise people to serve in the country board and that the ministry policy and procedures will be effectively put in place.
* We pray for God’s grace and wisdom in implementing properly the ministerial policy and procedures and various skills we obtained from the training.
* Pray for the financial support for our staff so that various needs of our staff would be met, e.g. Medical etc.

Christ's Hope International – The Netherlands

* For all the blessings and new contacts this last month.
* Thank God that we could welcome new volunteers wh are willing to help at our office.

* For the consultation/meeting of the mobilisation countries in Herborn on 4 and 5 April. That God will help with wisdom, sensitivity and unity.
* For the situation in Zimbabwe.
* For much wisdom and blessing for our country director and the Dutch board.
* For positive effects after our skating event.
* For a new team of volunteer coordinators, we are happy that already two persons would like to join this team.

Christ's Hope International – UK
* We continue to praise God for the response from the church in Melbourne for volunteers who are looking to visit Namibia this summer and others from the UK who are looking to go to Africa.
* We continue to give thanks for the many donors who give faithfully month by month to support the ministry in Africa.

* Pray for the team going out in July/August from Melbourne, their fund raising and that the Lord will show them the tasks He wants them to undertake. They meet soon to finalise their plans.
* Please continue to pray for the UK board as we seek the services of a full time person to represent the ministry.
* Pray for the upcoming meeting in Herborn where many of our board members will participate.

Christ's Hope International - USA

* The Lord has provided a marketer to promote the Ride For Hope. Not only was the US board unified in the desire to hire a marketer, amazingly there was funding to cover this cost! We are thankful for Rick, and his expertise in smoothing the road for our riders. We are excited about the connections that are already being made with churches along the coast to coast route, all 3,250 miles of it!
* We are jubilant about the warm reception that Dave received at Christ Community Church in Carmichael, California when he spoke there in March.
* A leader has stepped forward to lead the June team of college students to Kenya, and another team member has just signed on. This team will be made up mostly of college students and led by a team alum, John, who is from beautiful Traverse City, Michigan.
* We are also thankful for Michelle leading a team from Iowa in June to work with the Masai in Kenya.
* We are also pleased that a team of young people from the Pacific Academy were able to serve in Namibia last month.
* Denise, Tony and Catherine, Dave and Jenn, we praise the Lord for them as they continue to serve long term in Namibia and Kenya.

Prayer Requests:
* That the “Ride For Hope” will result in many new partnerships with the churches hosting the team along the route. We pray especially that the “Ride” will raise many thousands of dollars to fund project proposals in our ministry countries in spite of the economic times, He is ABLE!!
* For safety and blessings on each of the riders who are taking two weeks away from work and family to lift up the ministry of Christ’s Hope. Pray for their individual sponsorships.
* Again, we ask your prayers for Dave and Jenn as they spend time with family during this month of April.
* Pray for the CHI meetings in Germany at the beginning of this month, and for the implementation of the goals set there.
* Ashley, Elizabeth and Samantha are volunteering in Kenya for several months, pray for servant’s hearts for them, as they finish their time in country.
* The Christ’s Hope USA office has been in Dave’s home for the last two years, and now we are hoping to find inexpensive office space that the ministry can use. Let’s pray for God’s provision.

Christ's Hope International – ZIMBABWE

* The Netherlands volunteered to send us money to purchase food to feed orphans and to give some financial support to our Country Director. The commitment is for at least one year. Praise God!
* The growth of our Care & Compassion ministry. We now have four local volunteers and more potentials waiting in the wings for training. We plan training early May.
* The number of patients growing as the ministry is "self-advertising". We have opportunities to share the Gospel and have Bible study with them.
* We are able to go back into the schools with our Choose to Wait programme.
* We are able to feed some really struggling families through the money donated by the Netherlands.
* For the privilege of bringing the Gospel, food and clothing to some of our people in Zimbabwe.
* For some of our Care & Compassion clients who are recovering and even going back to work!

* Our project proposals for staff complement to be approved and adequately funded.
* God to open new avenues for funding the Zimbabwe Ministry.
* Our fundraising efforts within Zimbabwe to be well supported by those who are able to give for the work.
* Zimbabwe to recover from its political and economic dearth. We are already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
* That our planned Choose to Wait workshop at the end of April will be effective and yield God-ordained results.
* That our Care & Compassion Training for new local volunteers would be successful.
* The International Volunteers considering coming to Zimbabwe will hear clearly from God.
* That we may stay focused on the mission and vision of Christ's Hope International.
* That the Lord would help us stick to His agenda and plan, even yielding our own well structured ones if need be.
* God's blessings upon all our supporters [whether financial, moral or any other way].