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MIRACLES SIGNS & WONDERS HEALING MIRACLE CONFERENCE & CRUSADE -- SEPT 25 - 28, 2002 Speakers: Dr. Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda, Dr. Kingsley Fletcher & Todd Bentley Worship Leaders: Jason Upton & Norm Strauss Conference is held in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. Conference is FREE For more info:

NEW TAPE OF THE MONTH BREAKING GENERATIONAL CURSES By Todd Bentley On this new tape recorded live at TACF, Todd is teaching on different generational curses; the curse of sickness, poverty, witchcraft, how they are passed down through the generational lines, and how the spirit of infirmity works. Todd will also share revelation on the curse of the law, the blessing of Abraham, and the three fold triune blessing: body, soul and spirit. This tape is a must for everybody who needs deliverance in their life or family from curses of sin, sickness, disease, death and poverty.

Charisma Magazine ~ September Issue Young 'Miracle' Crusade Evangelist Defies Traditions Todd Bentley's growing ministry seen as "a prophetic signpost" Eight years ago he nearly died from an overdose. Four years ago he was working in a lumber mill. These days he is a dynamic young evangelist drawing progressively larger crowds attracted by the miracle reports that flow from his meetings and his passion to see others used by God, too. As many as 100,000 people packed stadiums in Ecuador, India and Mexico earlier in the year when 26-year-old Todd Bentley visited from Canada. But as "Charisma" magazine details in a profile in its September issue, out today, with his bleached-blond hair, sunglasses and gold-looped earrings, he defies the traditional image of the traveling evangelist. "Everyone expects an evangelist to look like Billy Graham," says Bentley's Abbotsford, British Columbia pastor, Ken Greter. "You know, to see a guy dressed the way he is you might wonder about him. But that's his generation." Some "think I'm a little too radical," Bentley admits. "They think I should be more conservative. They don't understand why I don't come in a more acceptable package. Some people don't like my personality. They think I'm loud." But others recognize God's hand on Bentley and his Fresh Fire Ministries (FFM). "It blows my mind," says Art Beckwith, a longtime pastor in Pharr, Texas, who has accompanied Bentley on crusades in Mexico. "... he has a lot more revelation than I do. I've seen miracles..." For Jill Austin, an evangelist who occasionally teams with Bentley for conferences, the young man is "part of a new breed, a forerunner." She adds: "I believe he's a prophetic signpost. When people see him, they go, 'If he can do it, I can do it.' Todd's heart is to equip and train." Although FFM is only in its fourth year, Bentley preaches up to 50 times a month, and sells as many as 30,000 teaching tapes a month. It is a far cry from his younger days of crime and rebellion. An only child, Bentley was raised by his deaf mother after his parents divorced when he was three. By the age of 11 he was sneaking rum from his mother's cabinet. At 14 he was behind bars, arrested for assault. Out of jail he bounced between foster homes, ending up on the streets. Then came the drug overdose -- only to be followed by more drugs and alcohol. What Bentley thought was a drug bust at his home one day turned out to be the visit of a former drug associate who gave him "the fieriest hell- and-damnation sermon you've ever heard." Through the encounter Bentley gave his life to Christ. He gave up drugs and drinking instantly, and went into a three-month period that he now calls his "soaking season," where he would spend hours each day studying the Bible and lying in God's presence. Bentley encourages others to reach for a similarly life-changing encounter. Among those who has experienced one is his father, David, a former alcoholic saved through his son's ministry a year ago. The senior Bentley who once didn't think his son would survive his teen years now says: "I want what Todd has... I see the healings and I want that..." Despite his growing reputation, Bentley remains humble says Greter. "He doesn't have a rebellious bone in his body. You want him to wear a tie, fine. He'll wear a tie. He submits to that." The full profile of Todd Bentley can be read in the September issue of "Charisma" magazine, out today. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Copyright 2002 Strang Communications Co.

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