Editor: Kim Gentes

Special Edition, Jan 31 2008
Editor's Choice: "Attracting Quality Musicians"
Attracting Quality Musicians

We are proud to announce that the book "Attracting Quality Musicians" by Tony Guerrero has been awarded an Editor's Choice award. Recently Kim Gentes wrote a review and here is some of what he had to say:

"The book begins with several pages which address some philosophical and Biblical points related to the premise of putting quality music into the local church. I liked this because he took approach of helping to bring everyone to the same place of understanding before launching into the mechanics of attracting and keeping quality musicians. Even if you don't end up agreeing with his viewpoint, this book is an excellent scale on which to weigh your opinions. And in the end, there is plenty to discuss here. From foundations for why a church might want to improve their music, to identifying, engaging, pastoring, working with and keeping top notch musicians, Mr. Guerrero meticulously covers the gambit of issues that face anyone in local church music leadership....."

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Editor's Choice: "Stand In Awe"
Stand In Awe

Vineyard Music's "Stand In Awe" has also recently earned an Editor's Choice award from WorhsipMusic.com. The CD features Jeremy Riddle, Sheri Carr and others and is full of congregation-friendly songs. We recently ran a review for "Stand In Awe":

"If you have felt (like me) disappointed by several popular CDs in the last few years, welcome you back to what a worship project should be- "Playlist: Stand In Awe" from Vineyard Music. One of the original vanguards of resourcing the church in worship, Vineyard has stayed true to its roots with great songs, while making continued strides in progressive musical production and sound with its arrangements and musicianship. The essence of a great worship song is its ability to resonate with the heart-cry of the worshiper. The "Stand In Awe" project is a wonderful set of worship songs that resonate clearly with followers of Christ...."

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