PAFN  Supplement     2008 August 27



How Best To Help Israel

The Bible instructs us to “ pray for the peace of Jerusalem “ ( Ps. 122:6 )

True peace only comes only through the Prince of Peace, Jesus the Messiah. We pray for the gospel message to penetrate the hearts and minds of Jews, Arabs and others who live in that city, indeed in that land.
 Evangelistic Outreach To Jews
Please pray for the following Evangelistic Ministries :-
     §        Trumpet of Salvation To Israel ( Jacob Damkami … street preaching, witnessing in Israel )
§        Israel National Evangelism Committee  ( eg have outreach at new age festivals near Ashkelon )
§        Jews For Jesus ( recently in Israel for 6 weeks ).
Other Items 
·        Street preacher Tony Rollins to face trial in Birmingham Sept. 11, 2008 for criticizing homosexuality.
CLICK HERE for details.
·        Agnes wanting a job urgently.
·        Danny in homeless situation.
·        Nicholas has problems because he has recently gone partially blind.

Many thanks.... Michael