I was working a crew of painters

Getting frustrated with there performance.

My wife walked over and said,

"If you do not change your goals

You are going to be frustrated all day",

Then she just calmly walked away.

I was stunned and knew it was the word of the Lord.

I had a choice and decided to change my goals.

Now in such times when circumstances are difficult to change

I try to think about that word and realize

It is time to adjust my goals thoughts or expectations.


In one moment my whole life changed

All my plans exploded And I had peace about it.

When we recognize that our goals

Our thoughts and expectations

May not be what God has for us

We have a choice to change and have His peace

Or stay the course of frustration.


I pray you choose wisely and have His peace today!


Wayne and Joyce Beveridge

270 Country Creek Rd.

Newborn, Georgia 30056