WHAT is the DEAD SEA??

The Dead Sea is a salt lake in the middle of the West Bank, Israel and Jordan.

It is said to be the lowest point on Earth, at 420 m (1,378 feet) below sea level;

its shores are actually the lowest point on dry land, as there are deeper points

on Earth under water or ice.


The Dead Sea is the deepest salt lake in the world.

Biblically, it was a place of refuge for King David, it was one of the world’s

first health resorts by Herod the Great and it was a great resource

for Egyptian Mummification ingredients.


Why was it named the DEAD SEA??


It is DEAD – water goes IN but nothing comes OUT.


When a sea only takes IN, the sea becomes DEAD

because nothing comes OUT of it.


The Divine Creator has said this many times,


If you want Life to the Full … you must pour it OUT for Me.


(Matt 16:24-28, Mk 8:34-38, Lk 9:23-27,

Jn 12:23-26, Matt 19:16-29, Rom 12:1-2)


If a Life is mainly taking IN then it is a DEAD SEA. L


The majority of human kind is stuck in the IN mode, we get consumed by

getting things IN to our lives and there is no focus on giving OUT.


Some have discovered this, their lives are DEAD and it is because life

to most is all about taking things IN.


The truth is – Life to the Full is achieved by giving OUT.

“We are either a TAKER or a GIVER.”


Divine Health is being poured OUT to/ in/ for GOD. J


In HIM is Peace, Purpose, Joy, Love … all the things we

try to TAKE from this world and we end up UN-Healthy.

End this Health Tip with this:


Most people Focus on TAKING IN Health supplements.

Most do not know that getting OUT things of the body

is a very important part of Divine Health.


Get OUT Toxins, waste OUT in your Digestive System,

cholesterol OUT of your blood, stress OUT of daily life

and fat OUT of your diet are main parts of Divine Health

that Cure and Stop Heart Disease and CANCER.


Love in His PASSION, Doc. J

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