December 2008

Dear friends of Joan,

I am the missions pastor at Montavilla Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon, (Montavilla is Joan’s home church). Joan and I have been working closely this past year as Israel is going through a very challenging season.

Let me give you a high level update on our friend Joan Lipis.

Israel: More troubled times. The spiritual climate in
Israel is super-charged and Satan is battling for this territory and its people. Specifics are too numerous to


mention in this letter, but the affects have wreaked havoc in the lives of mission workers, churches, pastors, strategies and vision. Mind you, this does not mark an “end” but a transition from what “was” to what “will be.” God will prevail. He is at work and will continue His good work among His people!

As a result, Joan has wisely chosen to step away and spend some time seeking the Lord. She is not alone in this as so many Christian workers have been deeply affected. In addition to spiritual issues, there have been significant economic realities in Israel such as inflation, housing and more that have affected the people there.

Then, what are we to do? Seek The Lord. Working closely with Joan, and in agreement with counsel from many of Joan’s ministry leaders, friends and prayer supporters, it has been determined that this is a time for Joan come to the States for a period of time. (I’ll tell more about that in a moment.)

Joan arrived first in Florida and was ministered to for a week by a women’s ministry that encouraged her, prayed with her, and shared in sweet fellowship with her. It was a time of refreshment and a time to receive from the Lord. She next arrived in Portland for a short time of rest and began seeking clear direction for this important time in the States. Currently, she has been visiting her mom and a few others in California along the route there and back.

SO, WHAT IS THE PLAN? What’s next? Recalibrate! Joan is a wonderfully gifted lady and God’s hand is clearly upon her life and ministry. The “next step” is to start a process of clarification. A select counsel will begin meeting together after the first of the year. We will pray, search the Scriptures, hear Joan’s heart, and combine all that we know about Israel, God’s calling in Joan’s life and her amazing gifts. Out of this process, we expect that God will refine the vision, pave the way and prepare Joan for this next great season in ministry. 

How can we, friends of Joan, help? Four ways. Let me list the immediate needs here.

ONE: PRAYER. This, of course, is most crucial during this exciting, but understandably also very challenging time.

  • Continue to pray for Joan’s new book, “Celebrate Jesus”, which is soon going to print. This is a huge undertaking – with Joan carrying much of the responsibility for the editing coordination and “by faith alone” pre-production costs. (For more on the book, visit: 
  • Please pray for Joan to rest in the abundant strength, peace, wisdom and vision that come from the Lord. 
  • Pray for even more of God’s glory in her life and in the life of the ministry He has called her to. 

If you support Joan and
Novea Ministries we are so grateful, thank you so much. We will be awarding all gifts postmarked December 31, 2008 or earlier as 2008 tax-deductable charitable contributions. This includes new monthly supporters and one time givers not currently in our support team database. In addition to stateside and book production expenses, there are ongoing expenses in Israel during this visit to the States. As always, Novea Ministries continues to receive and receipt tax-deductable charitable contributions for Joan.

As mentioned earlier, there are expenses for Joan’s time here as well as ongoing expenses in Israel. Also, your gracious gifts during this time will sow into the production of “
Celebrate Jesus”, as well as Joan’s recalibration with the Lord. Because we are trusting in God’s economy to prevail for all of us, we continue to press on into the work He has entrusted to us.

During the Christmas season, perhaps you would consider a special gift of encouragement directly to Joan in the form of a check or gift card. 

Giving Instructions
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Thank you again for your ongoing support with prayer, encouragement and financial offerings. The love and appreciation for Joan and this ministry are overwhelming. We are truly grateful to you for being active members of the
Novea Ministries team. 

To schedule some time with Joan, or a time of ministry, please contact Debbie Whitehead at 503-913-5684 or

Together, let’s join in prayer and see what God has next for this great ministry!logot


Brian Heerwagen, On behalf of Joan Lipis
Montavilla Baptist church