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Paul Wilbur


It has been too long since Paul's visit and I bet you agree. Computer crashes and lightning strikes took out modems and other gear, but we are backup now. Thank you Father.

Reports started coming in immediately after Paul's prophetic ministry. During the Impartation and Celebration, Paul asked everyone who was taking notes to share their notes on what they heard God say with him. He lingered afterwards to meet the visitors and take photographs with him. A few of you put their notes directly into Paul's hand them

If you took notes or it you would like to share them with Paul (he requested photos, too) please email them to into@tapcc.com.

Audio recordings: Go to: www.jesusinfocus.org/media to download audio recordings of Paul Wilbur's prophetic declarations and seminar instructions on the place of banners and flags in worship. www.jesusinfocus.org/media.  

Monday Night Worship:  Tonight! at 7:00 PM


Freddy Solis  and Justin Chapman

Freddy Solis is Music Minister for "The Bridge" and Robert Chapman for "Annaville Baptist Church. Here is  quote from a not Freddy sent me:

     "I have been loving God for 24 years.... I found that the Lord longed for me to usher

     in His presence through worship.... Worship has been more of a life style than just

     a song.

Justin Chapman moved our group last Monday (Memorial Day) with a recording taken from ABC's Memorial Day service. God has been moving by His Spirit in special ways and Justin shared a prayer he prayed with his guitar. It came out like a song that Justin says is still being written and he is going to bless us tonight. We hope to be a blessing and an inspiration to Justin, too.

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