Greetings in Messiah's love. We rarely quote others in our intercessory bulletins, but this time we have a very special and timely prophecy to bring to your attention. This prophetic word that was recently published by the Elijah Prayer Army from Jerusalem was originally given 21 years ago to a man named Dean Cozzens. He titled the prophecy "The Hebrew Movement," and we are quoting a portion of it below for your discernment, trusting the Spirit of the Lord to speak to your heart according to His purpose. We believe that this word is significant as it sheds light on God's overall plan preparing His Body for the final hours of conflict and glory at the closing of this age. We have taught for many years the parallels between the major Church movements and Israel's restoration stages during the last 100 years, and this prophetic word is right along those lines as it honors the moves of the Spirit while pointing to the greater days ahead. The return to the Hebraic roots is a dynamic, growing, worldwide movement reconciling the Body of the Lord to its Hebraic roots while restoring Jewish branches to form the final glory and completion of God's Olive Tree. It is a sign of the end of this age as we remember that the ultimate battle, as it is described by Zechariah, is the battle between the sons of Zion and the sons of Greece! "I will rouse your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Greece, and make you like a warrior's sword. Then the LORD will appear over them; his arrow will flash like lightning. The Sovereign LORD will sound the trumpet; he will march in the storms of the south..." (Zech 9:13-14) Some of the prophecy copied below has been historically realized by now, while a portion of it still remains to be fulfilled. The language of the prophecy may be somewhat outdated to our ears today, and we do not necessarily endorse all the doctrinal ramifications it may imply. However, we do hear the Spirit of Truth heralding God's wisdom loud and clear as prophecy is often meant to confirm what has already taken place as it is to predict future events. We pray that the Spirit of God will encourage and instruct your heart as you read and listen to His voice. THE HEBREW MOVEMENT (A prophetic word released to Dean Cozzens, Open Church Ministries) On Sunday morning, April 13, 1986, I heard the following prophecy: "At the beginning of the twentieth century, when God looked down from heaven at the church, what He saw looked like a giant 747 airliner, but with no engines. He then set out to attach four giant engines of faith and power to the body of the plane, so that the church would have the power to come to Him where He is, up in the realms of glory. Each of these four engines represents one of the four major moves of God's Spirit ordained for this century: 1) The Pentecostal Movement, 2) The Faith-Healing Movement, 3) The Charismatic Movement, and 4) The Hebrew Movement. All four are sovereignly ordained of God and coordinate and interrelate in His mind. Each successive move builds upon the last, but each has its own distinctives. None are perfect, but they all have something from God to contribute to His plan. The prophecy said that God was now beginning to attach the fourth and final "engine" - the Hebrew Movement. 'Turn and align your thinking more perfectly down My revealed runway of Hebrew thought, the thoughts I revealed through the Hebrew people, and let's get ready to go to Glory!' Though many of the right doctrines have been in place in the Body of Christ from all the past moves of God's restoration through history, much is still missing, which God wants to restore. This fourth movement is to be called "The Hebrew Movement." This movement will to some degree encompass and influence the entire body of Christ, adding depth, and leading us into greater unity at last, not just with one another, but with God and with His Word. This fourth major move of the Holy Spirit in this century will be every bit as powerful as the previous three, and will bring this final work of God to completion in a final, unified, four-fold thrust of power and glory; it will take us all into the heavenlies to be with Him where He is. The three previous engines of His power which he has previously attached in His divine order, until now He has been only gently "revving" as if just testing them awaiting a more opportune time. When the plane is more properly aligned, down the centerline of His will, He can then give full throttle to take us all to glory and thus display Himself and His approval most fully among us. FULL THROTTLE What has come before may one day look very minor in comparison to what will occur on the earth when all four engines are finally given full throttle by His wonderful hand of command. When this happens, our great ship will quickly lumber down the runway and off to glory. On that great day, once the command to go is given, there will be no letting up until we finally leave these bonds of carnal flesh. Then God's awesome power will fill us all with the same awesome glory which is His eternally wonderful presence. On that great day, every gift of the Spirit will be operating in great release, and the Lord will be revealed in all of His fullness. We will then be like Him, full of His power and glory, for we shall see Him as He truly is, unveiled for all to see. Oh what wonder and majesty that will be! But before the plane can be given full throttle, it must first make a critical turn in its thinking to line itself up with God's holy runway. The critical turn in thinking is the shift away from the Greek corruptions of the past and back toward the centerline of the God-ordained Hebrew runway, down which Jesus Himself came and landed perfectly. Jesus Himself was the airship, and the terminal where He had been loading since His first coming has been the world into which He has come. The runway then was all the revelation God Himself had been preparing for centuries before the coming of Christ. This revelation then, through prophets of old, from Adam through Malachi, was the runway. There it had been, for hundreds of years, and through several generations, carefully laid down by God in preparation for the coming of His only Son to planet earth. It had been readied by the Father for Jesus to land on, for as it says, 'in the fullness of time God sent forth His Son.' The runway then is all the Old Testament, i.e. all of the Old Testament Hebrew truth and revelation, and much of the Hebrew culture and custom that came with it. Since then, His great body has been parked at the terminal of the world loading passengers to go at His prompting back to glory. It is even now nearly full, and is filling rapidly. It is nearly ready to depart. When that great door finally closes, and the plane pulls away, Jesus the pilot will rev those engines to get us from the terminal to the runway's edge where we will sit, with engines idling, giving Him time to test the controls and make sure that all is ready. Then Jesus, smiling I'm sure, when He is ready, and with the clearance from God the Father in the control tower, will release the brakes and rev the engines once more. This time, all four engines will surge to life and contribute their parts, all in unison. This will move the ship out onto the runway with ease. Then, before the plane goes too far ahead, and at just the right time, Jesus will turn the ship the 90 degrees that is needed to aim us directly down the runway! Then we will be ready to go! Then and only then will the conditions be right for full power. That point will be when our ship is directly in line with all that God has laid down before us in the Hebrew Bible that we call the Old Testament. The point is that before all four engines can safely be powered up to their maximum to lift us up into Christ's presence, we must more perfectly align ourselves with the God of the Bible, with Who God really is! Since God revealed Himself through the Old Testament, which Jesus perfectly fleshed out for us to see in visible form, that's where we'll have to look, and that's what the Hebrew Movement is all about. HEADING DOWN THE RUNWAY Where are we now? My personal opinion is that in church history at this point we've managed to get taxied back out to the runway. I think that our plane has taxied about as far as it can on the taxiway of Greek thinking. If we go much further, we'll run off the other side of the runway into the ditch. I believe that right now God is saying 'Turn and align your thinking more perfectly down My revealed runway of Hebrew thought, the thoughts I revealed through the Hebrew people, and let's get ready to go to Glory!' We must meet God on His terms, not ours. We'll leave on the same runway Jesus landed on - Old Testament Hebrew revelations and prophecies, and Hebrew ways of thinking and living. That's who God revealed Himself to be, and who Jesus also showed Himself to be when He lived here on this planet in the flesh. Many errors were incorporated into the early church in order to please and accommodate the Greek culture, and to escape anti-Hebrew persecutions from the Romans. These early corruptions are what we mean by the Hebrew-to-Greek shift. The correction of this past mistake is the turning of that great airliner in what is called the Greek-to-Hebrew shift, or the Hebrew Movement. It is what God now expects from us before He more fully empowers us, and thrusts us into His glory. It's what we need to do to make Him more comfortable about openly identifying Himself with us in His full approval of glory and power. Perhaps this is what Jesus was talking about in Matthew 5 when He said, 'Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets: I did not come to abolish, but to fulfill [to bring fuller expression and clarity]. For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass away from the Law, until all is accomplished. Whoever keeps and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I say to you, that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Scribes and Pharisees, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven.' Matt. 5:17-20. It's almost as if Jesus were predicting, though certainly not approving what eventually did happen in the church when it left its Hebrew roots. He may have even been predicting the very Hebrew movement which will now wrap up the church age. This verse says that unless we connect the move of the Spirit which Jesus brought, with the Hebrew which He Himself was walking in, then we as the church, and as individuals, will not be ready for lift-off into the kingdom of heaven. We have to align with Him. The church has now come full circle. All that has gone before, from the Reformation until this very minute, has been God's cautious and persistent work to get us back to the fuller understanding of Who Jesus is. It is now time for the fuller revelation of Who God and Jesus really are. He is saying 'I want you connected to the Old Testament root in the fullness and the power of the Holy Spirit, so that you can keep the Law as I kept it, in the same Spirit in which it was given, in redemptive love and power.' We must move back to the centerline of God's truth, but with the power of the Holy Spirit." End quote. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU? Hearing God's voice in this prophetic word, we encourage all who have ears to hear and hearts to understand to earnestly seek Him as to your part in this final and fourth "engine" He is attaching to His 747 jet. As we have written in recent weeks, the Spirit has made a way for the Church to practically embrace, honor and enjoy its Hebraic roots and DNA, and we pray that many throughout the Body are finding strength in the Lord to make the transition from "Greek" to "Hebrew" mindsets. We thank the Lord for those who partner with us in this ONE NEW MAN ministry through prayer as well as through financial support. One New Man Call is a faith ministry supported by friends and partners, and tax deductible donations can be sent to the address below. 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