Please Come Fishing in Thailand !!
We have discovered Ao Nang Fishing Lake, it is so beautiful and peaceful here. :-)
They have many different types of fish to catch, you can save the ones you like
and they will cook them for you right at the nice Lake Side Restaurant ... now that is fresh fish!!
JESUS loves fishing, HE said we would fish for SOULS and that is the biggest reason you can come to Thaliand!!
Pray for our new friends Charles and Marie, they are Native Indians from Canada and we met them here in Thailand.
Please look at this YouTube VIDEO, this Video clearly explains the Truth- the Gospel in 15 minutes …
Heaven or HELL is it a clear choice??!!  Please send this link to those you LOVE and care about or want to see in Heaven. :-)
New Discoveries !!!!
We found a New Paradise Island in Ao Nang, WOW it is so beautiful and God continues to Amaze us!!
We also found a Dragon Lizard that was about 6 ft. long, a Scorpion that was about 1.5 in. long and
Samson our little dog discovered a new bed in our laundry basket. :-)
Muay Thai Missions - MTM
Pray for Outreach, Fellowship & Discipleship !!!!
We have only been in Ao Nang Krabi for THREE months, God has blessed so much, we are doing
Outreach, Fellowship and Discipleship but we need GOD to move in His Power- amen!!
Places to Worship ??!!
In our small AREA in Ao Nang Krabi there is about 22,000 people, they claim 0% Christian and
to me it looks 60% Muslim and 40% Buddist and below are the places of Worship. FIVE Muslim Temples,
a Thai Buddist Temple, a Chinese Buddist Temple and ONE Roman Catholic Church. Now I am not into buildings
or building buildings, I am from America where there is a Church on almost every block, BUT we need a building here, Family of GOD!!
MTM Pray list ... please pray for us.
  1. Work Visa to get approved or that God would clearly show us another way to stay in Thailand.
  1. Decision on getting Motor Cyns (Scooters) for transportation in Southern Thailand. There are many pro’s and some neg’s. Thank God our little old truck is running great. :-)
  1. Unity with God, unity with Doc & Zina, unity with the Body of Christ in the Krabi area.
  1. Divine Schedule and Plan to do God’s work in the Ao Nang area. This is very important!! We have many Talents, Jesus says not to waste your Talents but God is putting something New into our hearts for Thailand and that is for GOD to use His Talents, to manifest His Power and to manifest His FULL Salvation in Ao Nang area and that we would join in what HE is willing to DO- amen.
  1. We need a Building/ Location, used or new, to set up a permanent Fellowship, Community Center and Outreach. There are some possibilities but again we want God’s Perfect Will- amen.
  1. That God would keep us Healthy and Young. We thank God we have been Healthy, many young and old around have been really sick but God has blessed us so we want to continue in that. Zina has an injury in her foot, Doc is feeling the same thing and Doc has a skin rash on his neck … in Jesus Name we claim Healing and Supernatural Health which is our Full Gospel/ Salvation- amen!!
  1. In less than 3 months in Ao Nang we have had over 10 missionaries stay with us, God is using us to be a Divine Network and we want to host missionaries and teams to bring Jesus here- amen.
  1. We need a REVIVAL in the hearts of the Christians here in Ao Nang area. We are meeting more and more Christians here but there is not a place of unity, we want to start a meeting place to bring unity and to claim God’s Word so that HE would show up in REVIVAL just like He has so many times in the past- amen.
  1. We need a stronger base of supporters, we are not meeting our monthly support goals on paper but thank God He is still giving us our daily bread. Are we to build something?? If so we need people whom are willing to give their Heart to this frontline mission in Southern Thailand. Do you want a mission in life?? Please give your Heart to this mission, we know there are many missions out there, you can save money to come to this mission and then watch God build your faith & direct you. We know and feel that God is going to do something here … the NEED is NOW. Remember there is NO Christian ministry here, we are it, there is so much to do … Lord Help- amen.
  1. We want and need God’s Spark, just a little Spark because we believe it will start a Fire Revival in Southern Thailand that will hit the whole nation- amen. (Ooopps, I think I asked for this already … well let’s ask again and again, for what is more exciting in life than to SEE God really move in people, to SEE Jesus heal people and to have the Holy Spirit manifest Salvation in someone’s life??)

 MTM has been in Ao Nang Krabi for Three Months!!

God has blessed us with hosting over TEN missionaries since we have been here,
HE has given us a heart to host people so that Christians can bring the LIGHT of Jesus here!!
Pray for us, ask God to bless us in housing missionaries, ask God to send you here and tell your
Church that we are ready to house Mission Teams to come here ... set a DATE. :-)
MTM Heart & Devotional
1. Why am I alive, why am I LIVING on planet earth??
2. What am I LIVING for??
3. What am I DIE-ing for??
1. Why am I alive, why am I LIVING on planet earth??
If you believe you are just an ANIMAL then your only WHY is to fulfill the desires of the FLESH = food, drink, drugs, physical comfort, sexual pleasure, money, materialism, covetousness, pride, power, prestige, party, etc. If you think you are just an animal then you will never find Divine Peace, Rest, Joy, Purpose and LOVE.
If you believe you are a Divine Created Being then the WHY is full of Heavenly Music and you learn to dance to the Divine beat!! Life becomes one exciting step after another, the more Faith steps you take the more you can close your eyes by not trusting your SIGHT but trusting the Divine Designer of LIFE to keep you stepping on the stair way to Heaven- amen!!
2. What am I LIVING for??
If you do NOT know the answer then you know the answer to WHY your life is not at Peace. We have ONE LIFE to LIVE, this question puts you on the MAP to enjoying LIFE to the FULL so you must find an answer quickly and to procrastinate and to be lazy in finding this answer is the greatest way to WASTE the one thing that money can not buy … time on earth enjoying a Divine LIFE.
Some say it is a CALL, a Divine mandate, a VISION or a WORD from the Creator that gives the WHAT for LIVING and you must make this a priority in life … if you do not want to … you will waste your life and you do want to live life to the full. SO many have and are WASTING their lives because they do NOT know WHAT they are LIVING for!! I have wasted many years and I encourage many to SEEK your CALL.
3. What am I DIE-ing for??
This is a CONFIRMATION question, it clearly brings out the TRUTH in question #2 and it is when the RUBBER Hits the ROAD Jack!! If what you are doing in LIFE is not something that you are willing to DIE for then you need to go back to question #2 but if in your Heart of Hearts, you know that what you are doing in life is so Divine that you would DIE for it then confirmation happens and your are on the path of LIVING Life to the FULL.
Life FULL of joy, peace, purpose, rest, righteousness, meaning, intimacy, insight, honor, wisdom, worship, devotion, praise, thanks, discernment, unity, power, respect and mostly Divine LOVE. Once you are willing to DIE and are DIE-ing to this earthly life … then and only then will you start to LIVE!!
Please give your Heart to MTM, pray- support and/ or come to Thailand to ask GOD to manifest His ministry and salvation in Jesus’ Name- Amen!!
Love in His PASSION, Daniel C. Docto aka DOC. :-)
Remember to PLEASE watch this & send it to your loved ones!!