“ALL you Can EAT Weight Loss DIET!!”

Would you be interested in a Divine DIET??


  1. A Diet that takes away your hunger pains and is an all you can eat Diet.
  2. A Diet that allows you to loose weight and inches around your stomach.
  3. A Diet that strengthens your bones and nails.
  4. A Diet that improves the beauty of your skin and hair.
  5. A Diet that heals head aches and stomach pains.
  6. A Diet that eliminates sickness and disease and produces long life.
  7. A Diet that many believe is the Fountain of Youth. 

Okay, I have your interest and attention and I know many doubts are flying through your mind.

Thousands of people all over the world are experiencing this Diet and I finding wonder results. Many

are turning to this Diet because it is not promoted by Doctors and money making companies. It is an

all natural plan that comes from the original Garden of Eden. Actress DEMI MOORE was one of the

first to show off the results of this Diet when she played a bad angel in the movie “Charlie’s Angels 2”.

Demi showed the Fountain of Youth when in her early forties looked better than her counter actress

Cameron Diaz who is in her twenties.


This Divine Diet has us go back to the Garden and it is based on the “108 principle” which is an

Universal heat law of degrees. Anything living, you- me- food, that is HEATED/ Cooked past the

temperature of 108 degrees DIES. Please stop here for a moment and think about fact that

almost all of our food is HEATED right?? Why is Japan the healthiest nation in the world??


When a child’s temperature goes to 105 degrees it is a very dangerous time because in just three

more degrees DEATH will happen. Clearly put, this Divine Diet is a RAW Diet and you only

eat ALIVE foods. The logic behind this is you are an ALIVE Human and the best building materials

for you is ALIVE foods. Do you need ENERGY?? Feed yourself ENERGIZED foods and the more

alive and energized foods you give yourself the longer and healthier life you will live and the great side

effect is WEIGHT Loss!! Life brings forth Life and Death brings forth Death- you will reap what you sow.


For the first time in Human history, humans are consuming more DEAD foods than ALIVE foods and

everyone is wondering why there is so much sickness and disease?? Then we come up with trying to

answer this question with Toxic Dead Man made chemicals/ drugs/ medicines which all have side effects

and never cure the CAUSE of sickness or disease. Okay, I will stop there and again another future

health topic right??


You can try this Divine Diet for SEVEN Days, the best time is 40 days and I have accepted this Diet

for Life. :) Seven Days is a good test, you will see some quick results and some will experience some

major Detoxing side effects so I want to quickly give you some tips on these side effects. Most

people will experience some head aches, skin out breaks, stomach problems, a cold or flu type of

feelings and all these types of things are GOOD. Your body will have the FUEL to work hard

on getting JUNK out of its system and the process of getting JUNK out is some bad side effects but

that is just something you must go through to get healthy!! 40 days is the best time to try this Diet,

it takes 30 days to break a habit and 40 days to start a new habit and your body will give you some

major results in just 40 days … so … You CAN Do it!!


I know many try to do a Diet and fail so allow me to talk about one major tool to help you do one

of the greatest things on earth and that is to achieve Divine Health and Weight Loss. You need a

“Support Group” of at least THREE people and you will be successful and SEE major results. Your

“Support Group” can be family members, friends or social club members. :) Your group just makes

a simple commitment to Divine Health for Seven or 40 days of your life and when one is weak then

someone will be strong for them and another side effect is you will strengthen your relationships.


Okay, I have talked too much again so here is the Divine Diet:


1. Wake Up drink a 16oz to 24oz of purified water and/ or 8oz of fresh fruit or carrot juice.

(BarleyMAX option.)

2. Breakfast = all the fresh fruit you can eat. (Smoothie??)

3. Mid morning = 16oz to 24oz of purified water and/ or 8oz of fresh fruit or carrot juice.

(FiberBLAND option.)

4. Morning Snack = all the fresh fruit you can eat. (Smoothie??)

5. Pre Lunch = 16oz to 24oz of purified water and/ or 8oz of fresh fruit or carrot juice.

(BarleyMAX option.)

6. LUNCH = All the Fruit or Vegetable Salad you can eat. (Smoothie??)

7. Mid afternoon = 16oz to 24oz of purified water and/ or 8oz of fresh fruit or carrot juice.

(BarleyMAX option.)

8. Afternoon Snack = all the fresh fruit or vegetables you can eat. (Smoothie??)

9. Pre Dinner = 16oz to 24oz of purified water and/ or 8oz of fresh fruit or carrot juice.

(BarleyMAX option.)

10. DINNER = All the Fruit or Vegetable Salad you can eat. (Smoothie??)

11. Evening Snack = all the fresh fruit or vegetables you can eat. (Smoothie??)

12. Pre Bed time = 16oz to 24oz of purified water and/ or 8oz of fresh fruit or carrot juice.

(FiberBLAND option.)



Is that too simple?? You will not be hungry right??

If possible get fresh organic plant foods and wash your plant foods because there is so much

Chemicals in our societies.



IT is the easiest way to get Divine, Natural, Whole NUTRIENTS into the Human Body.

This one drink is the same as eating (5) American Salads. Barley is a very old Plant from The BIBLE

that has always kept People Healthy & it is more Power than Wheat Grass & it tastes better!!

CALL 1-800-915-9355 & use my Health Minister #34687.


Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice has been one of the main drinks that have helped to Cure people from CANCER.

This 8 ounce drink is made with a Juice Machine/ a Juicer. In takes about (8) Carrots to make 8 ounces of juice

and when you drink it the nutrients go right into your body. You would have to EAT 24 Carrots in order to get

the same amount of nutrients in this 8 ounce drink- that is the POWER of Juicing!!

E-mail me if you have any questions about what type of juicer you can get.

You can CALL 1-800-915-9355 & use my Health Minister #34687 to ask them about the best juicers in the market today.


Fiber Drink

There are (2) types of Fiber Drinks that I use, one is mild and one is very strong.

Most Americans have MAJOR Digestive Problems and all of them need this Fiber Drink to clean the body out

so healing and weight loss can start. This is a must if you want to lose Weight or the lose the FAT at the lower stomach.

Many do not know that exercise is NOT the answer to a flat stomach- the answer is to Clean Out the Colon

so the Body can get rid of the excess at the lower abs area. Awesome step in Divine Health!!

CALL 1-800-915-9355 & use my Health Minister #34687.


I did a DETOX Week and it included an “ALL you Can EAT Diet” at

the same time and I lost a Healthy 4 kg/ 7lbs and my stomach got smaller. This program adds more

Herbs, special Shakes and Colonic treatments so your bottom belly will get smaller and detoxing

will happen faster. JACK Osborne’s (OZZY’s boy) Life was totally changed when he went through

this type of program and he did it through Fairtex.

(www.rasayanaretreat.com, www.fairtexpattaya.com/spa.html, www.fairtexhotel.com/spa.html)


This month’s SUGGESTIONS:


  1. Get a “Support Group” and try this Divine Diet for Seven or 40 days!!
  2. Try this Divine Diet as a LIFE style and you can add a COOKED/ Dead meal … e-mail me. :)

Every month I will offer some choices that you can make to improve your Health.

You freely make these changes because YOU have decided to see if what I shared is really TRUE or Not.

That is why I have called them SUGGESTIONS. If YOU make any changes in your life it not because I told you to.

This is my DISCLAIMER, I am not a Doctor, I did not tell you to do anything and I am only a

Health Minister sharing Natural, Divine, Creative, Logical and Honest Health Information … okay??


Well, that is the Health Tip for this month, may you be Blessed by the INFO that was shared and

remember you only have One Life to Live so please make a CHOICE to Live Life to the FULL.


May you experience True Divine Health today – DOC. :)

If you have more questions about this article

then feel free to e-mail me at docthailand@gmail.com.


Remember … “If you Ignore your Health, IT will go away.”