Special Guest Writer for Kingsmanna:  Mr. Greg Fredrick – Louisville, Ky.
Greg is currently serving as the Director of Sports Performance for Velocity Sports Performance in Louisville, Ky. He was formerly an assistant speed and conditioning trainer with the Auburn University Baseball team and personal trainer with Gold's Gym in Auburn, AL. He has been instrumental in the training of several professional, semi-professional and college athletes in a variety of sports. Greg serves as a great Christian example for all those he trains, both on and off the playing field.
Submitted: 09/07/2009
The original text of this study was directed to a couple who were embarking on a foreign mission assignment and needed some assurance of their calling and encouragement in their walk of faith in that direction. Hopefully, these words can encourage you as you pursue the word of the Lord to your calling where ever He has chosen you to serve.
God's plan is so amazing - all we need to do is be available and willing and He will supply the rest.  Trusting in God means not worrying about situations. It means just trusting that He will supply the words, courage and strength that you need.  Remember there is no condemnation in Him!  If you are believing negative thoughts about yourselves, know that, that is not Him speaking.  He will teach, correct and rebuke, but He will NEVER condemn!   
Where you are in your journey is EXACTLY where you need to be for this mission - you are more than equipped, not just within yourselves, but in HIM!  Remember if we feel ill-equipped, we are minimizing HIS power.  I know you BELIEVE that He can and will do all things, so trust Him in that and let Him show you how powerful He really is!  He will lead you to lead others to Him as they see His LIFE in you. He wants you to tell a story of His faithfulness, trustworthiness and lovingkindness by the testimony of what He does for you, not what you do for Him.  People today need to hear your story.  Many are in religious ruts and need a re-awakening!

Bible Study Outline
Topic: The New Self and the old Law
A.     Read Colossians 3:8-11

1.      What does it mean to take off the old self?

2.      What does it mean to put on the new self?

3.      Who is in charge of the old self?

4.      Who is in charge of the new self?

5.      Who guided and directed the ways of the old self?

6.      Who guided and directed the ways of the new self?

B.     Write down what Galatians 2:20 and 2 Cor. 5:17 tells you
1.      So what does this mean?
                                                   a.     There is no union with Christ if you do not believe that you have died w/ Christ!
                                                   b.     If you believe the old you is still alive, then you are still your point of reference, not Him.
                                                   c.     And if you are still your point of reference, then it is you that is still trying to correct, straighten up, create something, do something to change you.
In other words, you are trying to fulfill the law by your own works of cleaning your own self up instead of accepting the work Jesus did to settle the account with God on your behalf. It is the Holy Spirit that cleanses us, not ourselves. So let Him do His work…
                                                   d.     Your work at “self” righteousness by cleaning up your actions and doing activities that seem like good deeds is looked on by God as filthy rags.

2.      So the question is..."Who are you alive to?"  __Yourself?   __Christ?
 *** You will never be fully free until you know that you have died!! ***

C.      What does this all lead to?

1.      Read:
                                                   a.     Romans 7:4-6

                                                   b.     Galatians 3:24-25

                                                   c.     Galatians 2:19-21

                                                   d.     Galatians 3:1-3

2.      What does this mean?
                                                   a.     The law can only reveal our sin, condemn us for it and show our need for a savior. Once it has done that, it has fulfilled its function.

                                                   b.     When we become a believer, the law actually hinders the fulfillment of God's purpose in our lives - that He might express his life in us, through us and as us.

                                                   c.     This causes a living off of our own self-effort versus living by faith and trusting the work of the Holy Spirit in us.
 *** There is no law the can impart life, because the law is always tied to self-effort.  And self-effort can't produce life, because only Jesus is the life! ***

D.      How do you attain this?

   1. Read Ezekiel 36:26-27
                                                   a.      YOU don't do it, HE does!

                                                   b.     Read all of the "I Will's" (circle what you get!)
          I: "I will give you a new heart"
         II: "I will put a new spirit within you"
        III: "I will remove the heart of stone"
         IV: "I will give you a heart of flesh"
          V: "I will put my Spirit within you"
         VI: "I will cause you to walk in My statutes"

2.      There are 6 "I will's" - He will do it, you just need to be available and willing!
                                                   a.     Your part is to trust and have faith in God's "I will's"

                                                   b.     What is the work we are to do that pleases God?
i.       John 6:29

ii.      1 John 3:23
E.      To wrap up,
1.      We no longer have any relationship to the law, nor do we look to it in an effort to fulfill it.

2.      However, the law does reveal God's character and God's intent is to manifest His life through us.

3.      As He does that, He will Himself fulfill the law through us.  Or in other words, He will reflect His own character.

4.      So He says to us, "I will cause you to walk in them." 

After all, He is the Lawgiver and Law keeper, so He can cause us to walk in total compliance to God’s law by speaking to us through the Holy Spirit guiding our every step in accordance to His will for our lives.

5.      God is lining up our outer being with Himself.  He is lining it up

But until we see this unseen and eternal truth, we will try to line it up for Him. (Know that at this point, your inner spirit has already been lined up with and connected to Him).

6.      Know that you have died with Christ and it is He that now lives in you.