What if the First Christmas happened on Turtle Island?

I know that if the Christ was born on Turtle Island, there would have been 4 wise elders instead of three wise men.

They would have had a dream instead of seeing a star.

They would have come from the four directions instead of only the east.

They would have traveled by canoe, horse, and by foot instead of by camel.

They would have searched for a baby lying in a Bear's den instead of a manger for like the Bear who dies each winter and rises to new life each spring, he would die for the people and rise again.

They would have brought him gifts of Sweet grass, Tobacco, Cedar, and Sage instead of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.

They would have learned that the Child was going to be a great Sachem instead of a King.

He was going to be a Great Medicine Man instead of a Priest. 

He would be the Greatest Sun-dancer hung from the Tree of life instead of a Cross.

They would learn that He was the White Dog Sacrifice instead of the Lamb of God.

They would die to self and live for him by passing through the Womb and steam of the Sweat Lodge instead of by the waters of Baptism.

They would smoke the pipe instead of eating bread and drinking wine for communion.

They would learn to walk the Red Road with him, for His teachings are that Red Road.

They would hear the teachings of the Great Law and all the Great Chiefs being spoken through him.

They would see him go on a 40 day vision quest being comforted by wild animals and sacred spirits from Grandfather.

They would see him battle the evil spirits that destroy the people.

They would see him heal people because he is the Good Medicine.

They would learn his ways by his sacred stories.

They would see he doesn't fear death because he knows that true religion is a circle and when a seed falls to the earth and dies, it rises to new life.

He would teach the people to dance in a sacred way to pray for the resurrection of their ancestors, the restoration of the four legged, winged, and water nations. 

They would dance for the Creation of a new heavens and a new earth.

They would feel his love, because He Created that love.

They would learn that his blood was the true smudge that took away all that was not good. And when they prayed and burned the smudge, they would remember his Sundance.

That is how the Christmas Story would sound if That long Haired, Dark Skinned, Tribal Aboriginal Man from Israel was born here instead.

May this great Sundancer Jesus bless you and your family from the four directions this season.  May there be peace between the people, Aho.