Watchmen on the Walls

June 19, 2010



I have been suffering with a severe headache (haven't had one in 16 years) & intense pain in the neck, both shoulders, & lower back. I believe it is a demonic attack...Isa. 54:17; Gal.3:13; Matt. 16:18; & 1john 4:4…

Mel Novak


Marsha Stillions passed away on the 5th and and was buried on the the 8th.  Please cover her family in prayer.



[Chaplain, USN] Bob [] is in extremely very serious condition.  Both hands and feet had to be tied down due to combativeness.  He is totally delusional and recognizes no one except me.  He thinks everyone is alien and that they are going to take over the US and everyone here.  The spinal abcess has advanced into his spinal column.  Please have anyone on your elist who would be interested and who could pray for him do so that he won't suffer so much.  His pain has been horrible both physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Annette Balnicky

- - - - - - -

I have known Bob since the 1970s and hired him at CBN to be the Knoxville 700 Club Counseling Director.  I will pass this on to other ex-CBNers.

Jim Bramlett


Dear Prayer Warriors,

Please lift Bryan and Billy up in Your Prayers.

Thank You all and Lord Bless You for Praying and for caring,



- - - - - - -

Pat Honick wrote:

Hi Candy -  When you are emailing your round the world prayer partners would you please ask for prayer for a former inmate Bryan who was really on fire for the Lord but has gotten involved with the wrong people and needless to say a woman. He did 20 yrs and is only 37... he has been out for 2 years. Billy will be leaving and heading home on July 3rd really loves the Lord and is asking that God will make a way and take him to a good church and good people. He also 20 years and age 52. Thanks! 

In the love of Jesus Pat 


They were going to do another Cauterization on Bill Faloona yesterday. I tried to call him this a.m., and was told he was discharged from the Hospital.  He may have had the test, but I don't know that. In any case I think he still needs prayer regardless, and I intend to keep on praying for Bill, until I hear differently.

Lorraine called for prayer for her daughter, Bobbie who was having chest pains and was in the Hospital and to have a Cauterization today. I got another message this evening that Bobbie has As id Reflux.

Emma Paskin, John Paskin's Mother, fell last week and was taken to the hospital, and they took her home. Today she was still having headaches, and they took her back to the hospital.





Pomiabo Family: Tragic loss of Robert, who was killed when his lawn mower rolled over on him on saturday (relative of Dolly Wiegand) 

Dolly Weigand: had a procedure for clogged artery in her neck today (Monday)

Marissa: keep her in prayer - she's going to South Africa (as a missionary)

Erica: coming home for this coming weekend from teen challenge (traveling mercies)

Jack Armstrong - going to Texas and then to Panama for 2 months)

Bill Faloona - He had a mild heart attack while taking a stress test, but he's now home. I spoke with him on Sunday, he asked for Prayer - he didn't go into details, but has a lot of going on, stress wise, physical problems. feeling really DRAINED, no energy. Praise God that another neurologist revealed that he does NOT have M.S., but has symptoms and signs that mimic it, from past lifestyle choices.



Everybody please be praying for dodie high tomorrow she will be having surgery 

at about 9.30 am pass this on please thank you  (from 6/15/10)

- - - - - - -

Just heard from several ladies that Dodie is out of surgery and doing well.



One of my friend’s husband is on life support at So. MD hospital. He apparently had a parasite from some food that was suspect and it has ravaged him and shut his kidneys down.  He is 46 and his name is Ronald Robinson. The enemy wants to get him because he has really been doing heavy prison ministry.


He was talking to his wife yesterday (he has been in for 2 weeks but was out of ICU) and he suddenly said let me call you right back, I feel funny. 5 minutes later they called her and said he is not breathing and they called a code blue. Thankfully she only works at Andrews AFB so was there quickly. He is now stable but they don’t know what to problem is besides the kidneys but they have been putting him on dialysis. He is in CCU and on life support.


Please also pray for Raychon because she is totally distraught. She is a minister at their church but right now she is so bound by fear and anxiety she can’t think, she just cries constantly and not sleeping. We had to drag her from the hospital because she thought if she left he would die. Pray for the spirit of piece to come upon her.





Tuesday, June 15, 2010 10:00 pm

We have had an incredible day. Sara's therapists and doctors are very happy with her progress. She is a happy, pleasant, cooperative teenager for the most part considering where she is. I have to tell you all a story of what happened this afternoon. She was tired and wanted to sleep all afternoon but was so restless and couldn't sleep so I asked if she wanted to go for a walk in the wheelchair around the hospital. She wanted to. As we walk through the halls of the hospital she speaks to every person she passes, waves and says "hi, how are you?" Then asked me to take her to where she started in the hosital. I told her it was on the other side of the hospital she said let's go. We went to the 4th floor of the ICU where it all began and when we got off the elevator there was quite a crowd as there usually was. I explained to Sara that these were all people that have loved ones here who are very sick like she was when she first came here. She went to all those people speaking to them and telling them she would pray for them and whoever they had at the hospital. Here is Sara with scars down both arms, neck, back and chest brace on telling these people she spent 4 weeks on this floor and look how well she's doing now. They should have faith that everything will be OK. She's already fulfilling what God wanted her to do. Bless this sweet child of mine, I call her mine but I know she belongs to God and that he has entrusted me to care for her. Children can certainly amaze you at times.



I received this email from a friend of mine who I met in Israel in 2007.  She is the head of Aglow and an intercessor in the West Virginia area.  This is an urgent prayer request please share with others.  These people are desperate for our prayers, I can't even imagine how horrible it is for them. Thanks 


- - - - - - -

Subject: Urgent news from Kyrgyzstan

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 16:06:09 -0600

The following message was received June 15, 2010, from a Russian contact in Kyrgyzstan:

"We are in the center of a war in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. It is impossible to imagine the horror of the situation here!! The news is only reporting a small portion of what is actually going on. It is ethnic cleansing if you can call it that. Whole blocks of Uzbek homes have been torched and burned. Women and children are being mercilessly killed.  Many bodies and injured people are lying in the streets without anyone to help. Kyrgyz youth under the influence of alcohol and drugs are running wild in the streets killing anyone and burning whatever lies in their paths. This ethnic tension (between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks) has existed under the surface for many years but recently has been stirred up for political purposes. Because of this, it appears that authorities are doing nothing to stop the conflict and are silent. It seems that the whole situation was planned out in advance and that no one planned to put a stop to it. One of my relatives went out today at great risk to get groceries for his household. On his way he saw an old man badly injured who was lying in the street. He wanted to help him and turned him over onto his back. Immediately a group of young men ran up and started kicking the old man fiercely. My relative heard one of these youths say, “He’s Kyrgyz” Another said, “No he’s Uzbek, let’s set him on fire.” When my relative returned the old man lay burned to death. Officially the government has issued an order to shoot to kill anyone with a weapon but in reality no one is carrying out this order. These horrendous acts are continuing to take place. Police and soldiers are patrolling the streets but doing nothing to stop the violence. Last night bandits broke into an army storage facility where weapons, helicopters, tanks, etc were stored.  We couldn’t imagine where these simple people had obtained so many weapons before and now they have even more weapons, plus army equipment! On top of all of this there is a shortage of food as the stores have been vandalized. When our food supply runs out we will go hungry. The news is reporting that humanitarian aid is getting in but the supply is very limited. Not long ago bread was given out but for some reason they refused to give it to the Russians. We are not concerned about humanitarian aid, we simply want to live! Some news reports are saying that things are getting more stable but the truth is it is getting worse. My goal in writing this is to the get word out to the world about what is actually happening here. We are afraid that we will be forgotten and alone in this crisis with no one coming to our aid. Presently they are not coming against us as Russians but we believe it is only a matter of time before they turn on us. People have “tasted blood” with no consequences and will not stop the killing. We are living in a state of fear. Please send this information out to as many people as possible. This is our urgent plea for help."


Forwarded to you by Steve Hagerman


Turkish World Outreach

508 Fruitvale Court

Grand Junction, CO 81504



Lisa Kassler asked for prayer for Donna Farkas - in hospital - low blood count.

Thank you,




Please pray for Gemma (age 4 months) as she undergoes surgery this morning to relocate both her little hips.  We believe it will be a great success in Yeshua's Mighty Name!

Thanks for adding your prayers to ours,



From Vicki …

Please pray for this event … Elav 2010 is approaching quickly and we are looking forward with great anticipation to what God will do among the young people of Israel!

A few things to be in prayer for:

1. An anointing on the speakers and worship leaders who will be at the conference this year

2. The powerful presence of God to be poured out and that young people who attend will have life-changing encounters with the Lord

3. That all Israeli and international young people who are supposed to take part will register and make arrangements to be there.

4. A shift in the atmosphere over Tel Aviv which will surely affect the whole of Israel due to Tel Aviv being Israel’s main cultural hub

5. Complete financial provision – for all needed finances to come in before the conference

Please visit Succat Hallel’s website to receive further information concerning ELAV 2010 as it is released!

Grace and Shalom,
Succat Hallel Leadership




Ann wrote:

Dolly Wiegand having surgery in the artery in her neck. (note from c: I sent this one out for her on Monday; I guess she hasn't had this procedure done yet.)

Jake Wiegand - Head problem.

John Petrosky - Cancer

Marci Farnsworth - in a motorcycle accident - in a coma.

Thank you,




Baby Paige ... Trish Orr's niece, 7 week old baby girl with a massive tumor. Doctors give her slim chances. She is at John Hopkins Hospital. Please pray with us wherever you are. We KNOW the greatest physician ever.




Sophia is now 7 lb 4 oz and still growing like a weed..... everything at her recent dr. appt. was favorable...... I think the words he used was "above average for her age".  I thank God for this little miracle .... She is blessed..



Subject: Re: Urgent Prayer Request - Carissa Patterson & Fasula Family

This comes from a friend of mine who is a nurse.

Hi Everyone,

A quick update on Carissa.  She was scheduled for surgery this morning at 7:30am.  I spoke with Mike this morning and he asked for continued prayer.  Sorry I was not able to get this update to you earlier.  Please continue to keep Carissa and the Fasula family in prayer.  I pray healing and peace in Jesus' name.  Thank you all for your intercession.  I will be in touch.

Thank you!


- - - - - -

Original prayer request ...

I just got off the phone with Mike Fasula.  His stepdaughter, Carissa, is in the hospital.  She has been in the hospital since late last week with initial diagnosis of pneumonia and possible Valley Fever.  She has not been progressing.  Family has met with pulmonologist and cardiologist to diagnose.  They are saying that there is heavy bacterial buildup around her lungs.  Next steps would be to perform surgery to remove the bacteria.  Mike and Lory have been alternating staying with Carissa at the hospital.  Mike has asked for prayer for all.  Please take a moment to lift up this family in prayer.  I will keep you all posted as I get information from Mike.  


Eddie Hyatt


Dear Prayer Warriors,

This is from my Dear Friend Barbara, who lives alone in the state of California, who is one of the first Prayer Warriors that I had the pleasure to meet online. As the Lord would have it, I even got to meet her in PERSON a couple of years ago when she came to PA for a visit. Needless to say, Barbara has helped me through some really heavy-duty battles in the past;, she's really been there for me Spiritually. Please lift her up in Your Prayers. She's a dear Sister in the Lord who faithfully prays for others, in spite of suffering from fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis (very painful), and all kinds of other pain. And now this news....

Thank You all and Lord Bless You for Praying for her.



- - - - - - -

Barbara wrote:

My Beloved Family in YAHSHUA,


I went to the specialist yesterday for the results of the nuclear test I had on the 7th of June. The test was positive for a left inferior parathyroid adenoma. It will have to be removed. The endocrinologist referred me to a surgeon at UCSD in LaJolla CA which is a very good hospital.  However, when I called to make the appointment to see the surgeon, the person who answered the telephone said, Morris Cancer Center.  I must say it took me back!!!!!  The endocrinologist never mentioned to me that this surgeon was a cancer specialist.  Most adenoma's are not cancerous,and I do not understand why this doctor would not have said to me that this surgeon was a cancer specialist and not to get alarmed when I called, that this was a cancer center.  I think that was truly rude for him not to inform me and allow me to be shocked by this..  I honestly do NOT believe that I have cancer, but just was really overwhelmed by this. I COVET your prayers, being the last surgery I had in 2008 was a nightmare for me, so many things went wrong and I have a spirit of fear that has been looming over me since. I need to get this out spirit of my mind, so I can move forward and get this surgery out of the way and recover so I can get on with my back surgery. I need my back taken care of, the pain is getting more than I can bear.


I do NOT want this spirit of fear lurking around, I never went through this before and always had great faith with all the surgeries I have gone through. So, PLEASE pray for me, I can send a thousand to flight, but it is obvious that the enemy is sending more than I myself can battle. I DESPERATELY NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE SPIRITUALLY! I ask the LORD to richly bless you for standing with me to overcome the wiles of the wicked one. I WILL have the VICTORY!!!!!





Everyone said once you got into Rehab things would begin to happen. Sara is walking much better everyday with minimal help. It's only been a week in Rehab and so much has changed. Yesterday I said on this page that Sara and I needed a haircut when we get out of here and this morning the mom of the boy in the room next to us said her friend was coming to give her son a haircut and would probably give Sara one also if she was interested. You ask and God answers. Tonight I ask God to give Sara a bigger appetite for something heathly with plenty of calories. She's lost so much weight and for anyone who knows her knows she can't afford to lose to much. Please also pray for Tim Ward's brother who just informed me was admitted to Pitt also to the ICU with heart problems and is in very serious condition.





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