Testimony of the Greater Glory of God

Hello Friends:
I want to share a testimony with you on the greater Glory of God and the impact that it has had on my life. Over the past few months, I have been blessed to witness the Lord do countless healings and deliverances as we have traveled around the US doing healing and glory conferences. I have seen physical healings like arms, legs, shoulders, eyes, skin, jaws, arthritis, pain, and more instantly healed. I have watched the Lord deliver people’s hearts and minds from sin, bad memories, fear, grief, trauma, oppression, control & lies of the enemy. And I have even seen God release the key to break the demonic principality control off of a city, allowing a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit to move across the town and its people.

Through out all of these experiences it has become glaringly apparent to me that God’s heart is ALWAYS to bless His people; ALWAYS to bring freedom to His people and ALWAYS to honor the sacrifice and love of His Dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ. These facts were brought home to me with more clarity recently during a healing conference that I did in San Antonio.

I want to share the process with you that God took me through so that you too can see how ALL of the desires of God melded together to cause great blessing for His people. Before my team and I went to this conference, I sought the Lord on what he wanted to do. Let me clarify that I already knew that God was going to heal and deliver people, that is His nature and is part of the inheritance that we have in Christ. Typically, when I ask the Lord what he desires to do, it is because he has plans beyond healing and deliverance. Sometimes, he wants to deliver a message to that particular church, or release a strategy of warfare for that particular place and their region.

This time the Lord responded with a surprising statement. The Lord told me that he wanted to come in His Greater Glory to visit with the people and that while he was there he wanted to break off demonic and generational cycles that had kept people in bondage- things like debt, poverty, infirmity, etc and that he wanted to release blessings in their place. Now two things are important to understand here. First, God said that he desired to come in His greater glory- This meant that it was NOT something written in stone- HE wanted, or rather desired to come in this manner and I understood that His coming in this manner would be conditioned on our response and desire for him and letting him move as He desired regardless of our agenda or plans. Second, Since the Lord used the term “greater” glory, I knew that this trip would be significantly different than the ones I had encountered in the past- God’s Greater Glory?? I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant but I knew enough about God’s glory- His manifest presence, to be VERY excited about what was possibly coming.

I once read a Flo Ellers book where she stated in a basic manner the difference between the anointing and the Glory of God. She said: In the anointing, a person can do all things better , ie minister better, their gifts work better, etc, BUT When the Glory of God comes all one can do is lie face down and worship! I like that definition so I have adopted it as my own when trying to explain the difference to those who ask.

My team and I left for the conference with high expectations. Over the weekend we saw the Lord move in some unique ways and many were healed and delivered, all the way down to God healing hangnails on a person’s hands and restoring the skin on their fingers. BUT as the conference was winding down, I was perplexed- we had seen a great anointing but not yet the greater glory God had told me about. As worship was ending on the last session, I checked back in with the Lord to be sure we had not missed Him. “Lord, “ I prayed, “This anointing is wonderful and I am grateful for all of the ways you have moved in the lives of the people, but Lord,” I said swallowing hard, “this has surely not been the greater glory you told me about, Have I missed you on this?”

It was at this moment that the Lord began to give me a key to the greater glory and lining up with God’s will in the spirit to see the blessings manifest in the natural. “Mignon, He replied,” I will come in my greater glory after you focus the people on my Son and the healing sacrifice of His Life.”

If you truly want to see the greater glory of God manifest in your life with signs, wonders and miracles, you are going to have to go back to your first Love- Jesus Christ and the atonement of His healing blood.

Encouraged By God’s words, I got up and led the people through a new healing activation that I had recently learned on the glory light of Jesus. It was during this time of focusing on the blood of Jesus that washes away the sin and the glory light of Jesus that brings divine inner healing that the atmosphere in the room began to change and the greater glory of God was ushered into the room.

This is hard to describe to someone who has not been in the heavy Glory presence of God. As we were entering into this new level with the Lord I encouraged the people to stay focused on Jesus. Once His glory moved in the Lord released me to pray to break off the demonic generational cycles of debt and poverty and infirmity. After the breaking I began to decree his blessings to multiply over the people and I gave out the prophetic words the Lord spoke through me for the people who were there. THEN an interesting thing happened. The glory of God became so thick and heavy that I was unable to continue speaking or standing and for the next 30 minutes all of us in the entire room were simply pressed down under the heavy presence of the Lord worshipping him in silence- Flo was right- it was the only thing we were able to do!

Once the presence lifted I knew the conference was over but the effect of what God had done still lingered within my soul. Today I am still getting testimonies from that conference about how powerfully God moved. True to his word, He truly did break off demonic cycles and release blessing in their place. Here is a short testimony below:

Hi Mignon,

Just wanted to share a couple of Awesome Testimonies. The word of the Lord for our church given for 2010 was that we would be debt free, when we had the Soaking Conference Mignon you prophesied the same thing and you broke the curse of debt and lack off the church. Tonight I heard the testimony of two different members. One is my Assistant Pastor, his wife got a call from someone and they told her they want to pay off all their debt. They received a check today for $18,000 they also had thousands of dollars worth of mechanical work done on their vehicle for $600.00 & also was given a brand new flat screen TV. The other member was about to lose her truck, be evicted, electric turned off, lost her job and a few days ago she received her pension check for $17,000 paid off car etc.... Awesome God!

Pastor Milagros

Now I share all of this with you for this reason. First, It is NOT about a formula, even though the Lord did release a vital key in regards to His greater Glory. It IS about relationship and being sensitive to the desires of HIS heart before our own. Keys are important to get and understand as we move forward in the kingdom but the true desire of our heart is what God judges and is more important in the long run.

It is in desiring the visitation of God’s glory that the realm for miracles and transformation is released and multiplication begins to happen in our lives. It is in focusing, honoring and applying the precious blood of Jesus that the heavens are opened and the blessings of heaven are free to flow towards the earth and into our lives. And It is in the greater glory that we are changed from glory to glory and become even more transformed into his image.

The greatest benefit of this conference for me was not the way God moved to break curses off of the people, or even the miracles he did and is still doing, though they are wonderful. The greatest benefit was sitting still in His glorious presence and realizing that the creator of the universe was sitting still and communing with His people, just like he did with Adam and Eve in the garden. That the creator of the universe loved us enough to come and share his glory with us. The greatest benefit was to truly know again, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God really does ALWAYS desire to bless His people and be blessed by them in return.

In Him,

      Mignon Murrell 

        Glory Reign Ministries

PS: On our website I have posted a video of the greater glory time at this conference where we cut off the curses. I encourage you to check it out and claim the blessings that are released their on the video for you and your family as well. God is no respecter of persons and his desire is that everyone receive a blessing!







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