Thought you guys were gone. These Star emails are handled by, which reorganized. The Star list moved to different servers, and in the process I lost access to you. This afternoon *months* of difficulties were resolved. Praise GodÕmany prayed that this list was not electronically interredÕand it’s back from the dead! Truly thought you were gone, and you’re back!
In part because I could not get out through email, there is now a Star facebook page, which is here:
Facebook | Bethlehem Star
And there’s a blog, which is here (and at the bottom
As I type, I see He may have used the email shutdown to force the Star into social networking. Do you recall that He used 1st Century persecution to force Christians out of Jerusalem into the larger world? Is He doing something like this to you?
Please visit the facebook page, and click “like”. Many of you have said you appreciate the closing prayers in these messages. facebook messages are limited to around 100 words, but blog entries allow room for prayers, so please check both. Catch up on the GOOD and the BAD Star news. Yes, there’s bad news. Visit the Star facebook page and Star blog right now.
If you have time, please pray with me:
“Father, your people are the body of Christ. We’re part of your family. We have missed sharing prayers about Messiah’s Star. Thank you for breaking loose the electronic logjam! Thank you for reuniting us! Thank you for granting victories at the same time you allow the evil one to romp elsewhere. It helps us sense that you are in charge and You guide our course. You are picking and choosing our steps! More, Lord! And clearly, for we are stupid about unseen things. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen”
Rick Larson
The Star Project
FYI love M

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