From Milk to Meat



Last night I had a dream that I was with a group of people at a dinner buffet.  We were eating in private room within the restaurant but had to leave this room to prepare our plates.  I remember putting a variety of food on my plate (salad, fruit, potatoes, etc.) and a cup with my drink in it. I carried my plate (which seemed full) back to my seat and began to devour this meal.  I was still hungry---so very hungry. Even after my plate was empty I felt so empty.  So, I went back to the buffet and filled my plate with the same assortment of food and drink and sat down to eat again.  My appetite was still not satisfied. I ate, then went back again.  However, this time I was led to turn the corner and much to my surprise there was a section that only meat was being prepared in.  I remember thinking "I never noticed this place before". The chef looked at me and knew exactly what to give me (even though I never asked). He cut a large portion of steak on my plate. This steak was so thick (it covered my entire plate). There was no room for any other food on my plate.  I walked back to my seat to eat.  There was something so satisfying about this meat. I was so tender---so full of flavor.  I enjoyed every single bite while chewing slowly and digesting it. I began to feel satisfied but still desired more.


Thus says the Lord:

"For this is a season where my children have moved past the need for milk.  It is time to advance in truth and revelation in My word.  The meat of My word is hearty. It is life.  It is what will thrust you into destiny.  As a child graduates from stage to stage, so are you.  What once satisfied will no longer.  I am a God of advancement and growth. Expansion. You are growing to become more and more like Me.  Begin to digest My word. Do not be afraid of its weight for you are well equipped.  Through my spirit comes revelation of My word--of My heart.  This is your portion.  I desire to share my deep secrets with my people.  Now is a time of graduation in the body.  Do not be afraid of transition--of growth.  I am with you every step of the way.  I am calling my people up higher.  I am equipping you with knowledge and with might.



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