September 29, 2010

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As many now realize, America has entered a political, economic, cultural, & religious phase unlike any time experienced in our collective memories. 
  • The forces in government appear divided, angry, powerful, blind, hungry, and paralyzed.  
  • The financial crisis faced by our unemployed masses is only minimally more uncertain than that felt by many lower and middle class families.
  • Communist enemies hold the ownership over much of our capitalist debt, which will someday need to be repaid at our peril or by our children's children.
  • Those who disdain our heritage of freedom and free enterprise seem most powerfully equipped to inform and poison our culture.
  • The religious enemies of our Judeo-Christian belief system demand respect and equality in America while offering none in return in any nation where they dominate.
So what is a freedom-loving, enterprising person of faith in the Holy Bible to do?  There is only one answer to the problems of our era.  It can be found in a moment of honest reflection when we humble ourselves and pray. 
  • Solutions proposed by political leaders will disappoint. 
  • Money answers many questions, but economists will not adequately answer the questions we face today.
  • Shall we submit to those who want to see the institution of marriage redefined, sexuality depreciated, history deconstructed, & our freedoms restrictively doled out by the powerful hand of corrupt brokers?
  • Just like our past, our future must be fully invested in the God of the Bible.  If it is invested in the hands of foolish, presumptuous proud people we will perish.
I am a Jewish man with great confidence in the Jewish Scriptures honored by my forefathers.  Like many of the founding fathers of our great nation, I am also a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, I find hope for tomorrow, peace for today, and a responsible understanding of what happens to a nation when the Bible is ignored and God is dishonored. 

Consider rich, young, successful, foolish King Rehoboam. . .

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Randy Weiss

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