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Editors Message
Adapt this message to your style and circumstances and preach with conviction.
What is Leadership
Pastor Howard Sands
Hebrews 13:7 (NIV) “Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.”
I want to pastor a church of champions
I believe you are a champion.
Every champion needs a coach for training to get and stay at their best
Leadership is not about doing what makes people comfortable
Its about taking them to where they are supposed to go
You are only a leader if someone is following you
but because people are following doesn't make you a good leader.
Over empathising with the people works against you leading them
(There is a difference between pastoring and leading)
What is required to build a strong healthy church
    being prepared and pre prayered
    making the commitment to do whatever it takes to see it through
    doing the work
Tell your people. “If its too hard for you let me know, we'll have to find someone else to do the job”
because that's what it takes to build people - build a great church.
Don't do what people think you ought to do - do what's necessary.
If we bow to small mindedness we'll be a victim to it.
It takes someone with a big capacity to say YES to build a big vision
The Price of Leadership
Do you know what it will cost you
eg. To upgrade to 1st class air ticket, you like the look of those big comfy seats, but are you willing to pay the price for them.
eg. 2 disciples asked Jesus to sit next to him in glory on his right & left,
Jesus said, can you bear it, do you know what it will cost.
It's God's will to build you into a leader - a great leader
so give your people something to follow
something that will change a generation and build big people
The bigger you build people, the more it will release you into a big vision
Being a great leader is not about building your leadership – it’s about building other peoples leadership. Give them a chance to shine, by giving responsibility and equally commensurate authority to act. Lead by example, give opportunity, prefer one another, stay humble.
Leadership is about being an example right across your life
Natural - what do you do with your time?
                        do those things focus you on worldliness or godliness?
                        do they demoralise or motivate people to greatness?
                        are you having fun along the way? - enjoy the journey
GIVING -           are you going over and above, leaders need to lead in this area, you don’t have to show off, you just have to be a giver, a sacrificial giver, a constant giver, a big giver.
PRAYING -        do you set an example in private and corporate prayer
WORSHIP -       do you really focus in private and corporate worship, do you hear from God.
BIBLE -             do you know the word - by spending time daily in it
            Does the word come out of you in life’s situations, to help you handle them.
Give people something to follow
You can't take anyone where you haven't been yourself
don't bow to small mindedness - negative thinking
Don't be intimidated, bullied by fault finders,
                        they want to pull you down to the bottom of the pile with them
Give them a positive direction, take them forward, stretch them
1 Tim 4.12/5 (NIV)
Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching. Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through a prophetic message when the body of elders laid their hands on you. Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.
We need a generation of leaders in the church who are followers of Jesus
across, business, community, politics, education, government, church, ministry, arts.
Hello my friend .Praise the Lord how are you doing. It was nice having hear in Uganda, did you move well to Kenya and Tanzania. last weekend we had an outreach with the girls at school and it was really great. Our Theme was to prepare them for a health and
productive vacation and it was good.
Annet Sseguya, Girl to Girl Ministry, Uganda
Thanks for coming to help us to deliver Bibles into China back in 1988. That was a long time ago, but we are still doing the same work.  However now we are also able to purchase some of the Bibles inside China through contacts we have with the ThreeSelfChurch.  We are providing a lot Bibles to the people in the Sichuan earthquake area.
I will have my staff keep in touch with you and send you reports of revival and the work in China from time to time. I hope they will be helpful.
God bless you,
Dennis Balcombe, Revival Chinese Ministries
Reports from around the network
 Adams Mukissa in Australia
Ps Adams Mukissa with Ps Howard Sands at the GY Festival Uganda, Sep 08
Founder and visionary of Youth of Christ Foundation YOCF (GY Festival attended by BFTF – see BFTF on the move - Uganda) Ps Adams Mukissa is currently in Australia for ministry and available to speak at church services, youth meetings, camps etc in some available dates in October and November.
Ps Adams has a ministry of inspiring people to be all they can be for God through his own inspirational life. In additional to YOCF he is founder of Another Life International (charity for widows and orphans) and GOWE network (for pastors and leaders)
Contact BFTF for available dates and locations.
bftf (at)
Church Planting Training in Ivory Coast
There's a church planting seminar in Man, Ivory Coast, November 10-14, with more than 20 denominations already represented. Pastor Doueu Zianssieu Patrice would like to invite you as well.
patricedoueu_009 (at)
Pakistan Educational Convention Brings 254 people to Christ
Opening prayers were done by different personalities
Celebration Ceremony of Independence Day was held
Thanks giving prayer for educational convention and Independence day Pakistan was done by Rev , Jamil Nasir
Worship session was made for adoration of Lord Jesus Christ
Prayers were done for people who were captured by evil spirit, hardshipers, seekers, unemployed people, and unbelievers.
Launching ceremony of new book and CD.
Muslims participated with very increasing number
2000-2100 people were gathered in Educational Convention
Different religious Books. Audio and Video and CD’s of sermons of Rev Jamil Nasir were displayed on stalls
Different representatives of ministries and churches were participated through out the Pakistan.
254 people were accepted Jesus Christ at the convention
We are requesting you kindly continently prayer for work of God in Pakistan.
Thanks and be blessed.
Dr. Jamil Nasir
BFTF on the move
Uganda Youth Conference a Huge Success
The GY Festival 08 held in Kampala, Uganda between30 August and 6 September was a huge success, drawing young people from at least 5 East African nations and guest speakers from every corner of the world. Organised by Ps Adams Mukissa, founder and visionary of Youth of Christ Foundation, the event is in its second year and has been attended both times by Ps Howard Sands from Beautiful Feet Task Force as a guest speaker. Ps David Alston of Blaxland NSW also accompanied Ps Howard as a guest speaker. Over 1200 people registered for the event or some portion of it. The theme was “The Call to Your Assignment” and speakers addressed this in the messages relating to the young people that God had a call on their life; that one can make a difference; that regardless of age, they were the people who could change their society.
Speakers from UK, USA, Guyana Sth America,  Australia, Sth Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda and local east African leaders encouraged young people to take up the challenge of being light in a dark world. The response to the various altar calls was most overwhelming.
The Generational Youth revival camp (GY Festival) will be on again in the first week of September 09.
Full photo album here
Kenyan Outreach
Ps Howard Sands and Ps David Alston assisted Ps William Kassee in the planting of a new church on the outskirts of Nairobi with an outreach event in a still developing far outer suburb.
On the last night the rain came down in bucket loads and people scattered but after a short break preaching went on. Everyone was soaked to the skin but when a the altar call was made by a special guest appearance of Ps Emmanuel Twagirimana, 5 people came forward and asked Christ to be Lord of their lives in the pouring rain. 
Ps Emmanuel wrote a book “7 days in Heaven” available on numerous bookseller websites, about his death in the Rwandan war and subsequent resurrection 7 days later. The book details his experiences in heaven during this seven days.
Ps Howard Sands with Ps Emmanuel Twagirimana and his daughter
Tanzania – churches on the move
BFTF visited with 3 ministries in Tanzania to observe first hand the amazing blessing of God on the church there.
Eden Park Healing Centre on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam has experienced amazing growth as the Lord has blessed this ministry with a beautiful property and many have come there and found healing ion Jesus name. Prophetess Theresa and Apostle Dennis have established a substantial work and also have obtained a 200 acre farming property for the site of their new church planter training school.
Ps Baraka Kihoze in the capital Dodoma arranged for Ps David to speak at a special service and then he took us both to his outreach church in the close by village, A small rented building is currently being used here for services but a good plot of land has been purchased for the erection of a new building for the growing church.
Pentecostal Missionary Church of Tanzania has been reported on these pages before and we went see first hand the work of Ps Eliah Mauza and some of the 42 churches he has established in the last few years. We were also privileged to share with his church and district leaders and preach at a village outreach where about 100 people asked Christ to be their Lord and then more again came forward for salvation after the showing of the Jesus film.
Ps Howard Sands making altar call in village outreach Dodoma, Tanzania
What in The World is Happening
Shame on the Indian Government that this continues.
Report from Ps Finny Joseph, President, Maranatha Full Gospel Assoc. India.
(25 September 2008)
Two weeks ago in North Karnataka, two of our Maranatha pastors were jailed. With the help of a lawyer our District pastor was able to bring them out of jail but a warning was given to them that they were not to preach the gospel outside the church and took a note that they would NOT convert anyone to Christianity.
On Friday, 19th September 2008 I travelled right up to the border of Orissa to visit the pastors and the Children’s home. The police did not allow us to enter the city due to the violence and they said if I go it would be at my own risk and they will not stand guarantee for my life. I waited at the border and two of our leaders met me, the area leader gave me a report of what was happening on the other side of the border. 
Maranatha has 13 churches in that area, out of the 13, 6 were completely burnt. 4 churches were destroyed - .the doors, windows, PA system, fans and other things in the church were removed and robbed. The pastors were beaten and 4 of the pastors are very serious in hospital. All the families and the pastors living around the church area are at present in the forest. Still there is no peace. Totally 10 churches are lost. One elder of the Maranatha was beheaded because he did not confess that Jesus is not a Saviour.
Even the Catholic priests and nuns are in the forests. Some of the people are at the relief camps. The people at the relief camps are forced to bow down to the elephant god, those who refuse to bow down their food and their wants are not given to them. Please uphold these people in prayer.
No relief work has started at the moment.   All over India a prayer commission has been set up praying and asking the Lord to find favour with the government so that we can go and help our people who are in real need.
As I heard all this, my heart is broken and I spent time in prayer along with our pastors and other leaders.   Leaders from different organisation have joined in fast and prayer, looking for a real freedom of religion in India. The violence has spread to Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Satishka and Andaman Islands
In this time I close this letter with a heavy heart, looking for a bigger prayer support from all our loving brother + sisters who stand along with our ministry. It is our humble request that all the churches join us in pray continuously and join hands with one another to proclaim the love of Jesus in India and that the Lord strengthens us to preach the gospel. Pray that in spite of whatever may come, the church would stand together and fight the situation and that the India government should ban the Bajrang Dal and RSS. We are in a time of crisis and we need a strong support of prayer. 
Editor: Numerous other organisations have sent similar reports over the last few weeks. This is not an isolated instance. This matter requires the urgent prayer and action of the worldwide Christian family to protect our brothers and sisters. Please contact your politicians and Indian ambassadors in your country and request the Indian national and state governments take immediate action to prevent this continuing.
IRAN - Rapid Growth of House Churches
Source: Joel News 655,  16 September 2008
A major crackdown against Christian house churches is proceeding in Iran, but the Islamic government is finding it's incapable of reversing the rapid spread of Christianity in this nation. More and more Iranians are becoming open to embrace Christianity, a faith that arrived already 500 years before Islam. As a result, the house church movement is now growing rapidly.

Christian praise songs blast from the cassette player of an Iranian tax cab. The driver is a Muslim convert to Christianity. Despite risk of arrest and possible death for apostasy, he's unafraid to share his faith. He shares the gospel with his passengers and gives them a Bible if they want one. That alone could lead to his arrest.

A house church leader said the crackdown has caused Christians to grow stronger and more serious. "God is testing our faith because he wants us to become more like Jesus," she said.

The house churches are now meeting in smaller groups, moving around more, and planting house churches throughout the country.

Iranian Christians are also praying fervently for [President] Ahmadinejad to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.
Subscribe to Joel News here. See also: House Church Growing in Iran (CBN News)
Wall Street Turns To Prayer in Midst of Financial Crisis
Teresa Neumann (September 30, 2008)
"We should not be intimidated by the magnitude of the darkness of the times, but should realize how quickly the light stands out in all that darkness."
(New York, N.Y.)—Christian Today has reported that the turmoil in New York's financial markets has triggered a spiritual response among Christian leaders as cell phone text messages quickly spread calls to prayer, and Christians on Wall Street set up special prayer meetings for the week. The report also said "extraordinary prayer meetings were scheduled at Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, and elsewhere, and pastors began planning to gather for sidewalk prayer meetings outside of the stock exchange."
Mike Faulkner, pastor of NewHorizonChurch, said, "Honestly, I am praying God will bring healing and revival. The church should be available in every way for people on Wall Street who maybe didn't think much about God before. One should be comforted that righteousness will prevail."
One chief operating officer was quoted as saying that maybe Christian faith can stand out as a light of compassion and truth. "We should not be intimidated by the magnitude of the darkness of the times, but should realize how quickly the light stands out in all that darkness."
Source: Staff - Australian Prayer Network/Christian Today
Breaking Christian news 1/10/08
Outreach Ideas
Christians in UK Invite Friends and Neighbours to Church on
"Back to Church Sunday"
Teresa Neumann (September 27, 2008)
"It’s so easy for people who don’t normally come, to imagine that they’ll be unwelcome intruders if they walk into a church service. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. We will aim to make them feel really at home."
(United Kingdom)—The national "Back to Church Sunday" initiative, in which Christians throughout the UK invite neighbors and friends to attend a church service with them on Sunday, September 28, began four years ago when research revealed that non-churchgoers would come to services if they were invited by their friends.

Last year, 20,000 people responded to the invites. This year, Christians have given special "VIP" invitation cards out assuring them of a "warm welcome" and some parishes are hosting lunches afterwards.

"It’s so easy for people who don’t normally come, to imagine that they’ll be unwelcome intruders if they walk into a church service," said Rev. Paul Moore, vicar of St. Wilfrid's Church in Cowplain. "In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. We will aim to make them feel really at home."

"Sometimes people lose touch with church because of family commitments or personal circumstances and then feel it would be hypocritical of them to come back again," he added. "Our job is to persuade them that they are actually very welcome."
Source: Staff - Inspire Magazine
Breaking Christian News 27/9/08
Food for Thought
God made
Adam bit
Noah arked
Abraham split
Joseph ruled
Jacob fooled
Bush talked
Moses balked
Pharaoh plagued
People walked
Sea divided
Tablets guided
Promise landed
Saul freaked
David peeked
Prophets warned
Jesus born
God walked
Love talked
Anger crucified
Hope died
Love rose
Spirit flamed
Word spread
God remained
"GO GLOBAL" Maurice Antonelli
4 Strategies for Church Growth
From Mark Cavallaro
People don’t want to just exist – they want to live.
Most people want to lead people to Christ, 90% never have.
Teach a practical way to do it.
People want love in their life.
Show them how to love, create a sense of community.
People need to contribute, give them opportunity .
People need to be stretched, there is a hunger for more.
Present well thought out things.
People want to leave a legacy, do something that makes a difference
Teachings by Peter Wade
Bible Online
Everything you need to know about Foreign Mission
Here are twenty four free information sheets (in English) covering everything  you need to know to get started or to keep going in overseas mission. Our thanks to Mike Frith of OSCAR which is the UK's finest mission information site.
Free Bible Training and Missions Training Materials
Making known, Making leaders

This School of Mission has no walls, no frontiers and no fees, and we are open to all.
Making known . .
Making leaders . . .
School of Evangelism
For everyone who wants to win souls
School of Discipleship
Easy, eye-opening pages for new believers
School of Missions
God's plan for the world and your part in it
School of Money
Escaping poverty to follow the call of Christ.
Open your OwnSchool
Teach and train many others at low cost
School of Leadership
For everyone sensing the call of God.
Students & Leader's Manual
Every "How do I" question answered
School of Church Growth
Foundational principles for every church
Guide to Free Literature
Where to go to get free leaflets and books
The Full School of Mission
All the modules together for diploma level.
These studies in sixteen languages are in use worldwide and are genuinely free of charge to help you to learn and to teach others. Our training has no walls, no frontiers and no fees, never has had any, never will.
DCI Trust
Quotable Quotes
Once your goals are set, everything you do from then on is either moving you towards or away from your goals
Paul Hanna
Low Cost Banners for your Message
If you would like multi coloured vinyl banners for your church or to help you outreach or present the gospel write for details of cost effective banners.
We can deliver worldwide at low cost.
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How to Evaluate and improve your Church website
“How can our church website help us reach out into our community?” Churches often find it difficult to know how to build sites that will engage with outsiders in their area.

A new online tool has been released by Internet Evangelism Day, which provides churches with a free 15-page evaluation report. Users assess their own website by answering 55 simple questions on the tool questionnaire. Their customized report is immediately displayed online, ready to print or save. Its recommendations are tailored with specific practical suggestions, based on the questions that were ticked. View the design tool here:
Earth Album
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Laughing at Ourselves has been snowing all night and everything was beautiful. 
His grandmother remarked. "Doesn't it look like an Artist painted the
scenery? Did you know God painted this just for you?” 
Bobby said, "yes God did it; and He did it left handed". This confused his grandmother a bit, and she asked him, 
"What makes you say God did this with His left hand?” 
“Well," said little Bobby, "we learned at Sunday school last week that Jesus sits on God's right hand" 
Benny Nwachukwu.
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