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As some of you may or may not know, I have signed up to be a distributor for Young Living Oils just as Bonnie has.  Young Living is the standard by which most other oil companies compare themselves and I have found they have the highest quality and purity found anywhere.  They are the purest and although they may cost more, I decided to stay with the BEST!!!


I would like to first share with you some of the oils that can be ingested or taken internally.  Many of Young Living's essential oils are safe for ingestion.  In fact, all essential oils that are identified as Safe For Consumption can be taken as a dietary supplement, to promote physical well-being.

Some oils (valerian, lemon, grapefruit, orange, nutmeg, tangerine, etc.) are even more effective when taken orally.

Things to remember when using essential oils as dietary supplements:



But, please bear this in mind: Young Living Essential Oils have always been therapeutic-grade.  Most other essential oils on the market today are not produced to such high standards, and may pose serious risks if taken internally.  However, sensitivity is highly individualized, so you need to test the oils first, to see how you will respond to them.


Essential oils for which dilution is not required

The following oils can be used topically without dilution, in most instances.  If your skin is very sensitive, dilution is still recommended.  They are generally regarded as safe for use on children over 6 years of age.

You will still want to dilute these oils for ingestion.



Roman Chamomile






















Blue Yarrow

Ylang ylang


Essential oils for which dilution is recommended

For the following essential oils, dilution is recommended for both topical and internal use.  Always dilute before using on sensitive areas  such as the face, neck, etc.  and before ingestion.

Keep out of reach of children.








Celery seed





Eucalyptus globulus

Balsam fir








Laurus nobilis





Melaleuca alternifolia















Essential oils for which dilution is always recommended

Always dilute these oil before applying topically or taking internally.  Keep out of reach of children.



Cinnamon bark



Mountain savory







My special oil that I would like to discuss today is called Helichrysum italicum (botanical name) or otherwise called Helichrysum Certified Organic.


Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) oil is extracted by stream distillation from the flower.  The plant is from the Asteraceae or Compositae (daisy) family, and has its origins in Yugoslavia and Corsica.  It is classified as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA.  Helichrysum has the extraordinary power to never fade, even when picked. Its Latin name, Helichrysum, means "golden sun"  like its magnificent golden flowers. (Sounds to me like something Jesus would have used)  Distillation yields an oil that is very gentle and soothing, with a fragrance that is uplifting to the subconscious.  With a limonene content of 8-13%, it's a very good antioxidant, but not a great one, relative to other essential oils.


Together, the powerful chemical profile of Helichrysum oil makes it ideal for

general regenerative effects, easing muscle or joint discomfort, as well as for its soothing and cleansing properties.  It is a wonderful oil that is highly prized by essential oils users, and is useful for many personal applications.


The actions of Helichrysum oil are anti-coagulant (it will dissolve blood clots  making it an excellent substitute for aspirin therapy), anesthetic, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, mucolytic (thins mucus and other body secretions containing mucin) and an expectorant.  It has also been studied for its ability to aid in the regeneration of tissues, and has been shown to reduce scar tissue and skin discolorations.  Helichrysum oil has also been researched for use with various skin conditions.


Helichrysum is a truly amazing chelating agent, a major chelator of metallics, but also of chemicals.  Because of this, and because it also stimulates liver cell function, it is included in the therapeutic-grade essential oil liver clearing blend and super liver clearing blend.


Clinical research has shown that helichrysum and ledum work synergistically to break down and dissolve the fat cells in the liver, so that the chemicals that are in the fat cells can be released and transported out of the liver.


Other properties of helichrysum oil:

According to recent research, helichrysum oil shows an ability to aid in the regeneration of nerves.  It's also an excellent liver protectant, stimulant and detoxifier, and helps to balance the blood pressure.


One of its most helpful properties, however, is helichrysum's ability to chelate chemicals and other toxins from the body.  This makes it an excellent oil for the support of the heart and liver cleansing.


It is more anti-inflammatory than German Chamomile, more tissue regenerating than Lavender, more cicatrisant (helping the formation of scar tissue) than Frankincense.  This evergreen aromatic herb grows up to 60 cm (24 in) and is also called Italian Everlastings or Immortelle.  Along with Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard, and Rose, Helichrysum ranks as one of the most ancient and valuable healing substances.


Here are some of the uses for Helichrysum:



Wounds and scar tissue - Helichrysum is the oil of choice for healing scar tissue, whether from a recent wound, operation, or tissue that has been scarred for years. It stops bleeding, helps a scab to form and tissue to repair itself. It can be added to a carrier oil and applied to stretch marks, acne scars, surgical scars, and wounds of all kinds.


Helichrysum is also very effective for joint pain associated with Rheumatoid arthritis.  It is anti-inflammatory with pain reducing and analgesic effects. Use in a massage oil with other pain relieving oils like Lavender and Yarrow which is also anti-inflammatory.


Bruises, sprains, and twisted ankles
Here's why this essential oil works so well. 50% of Helichrysum italicum is made up of anti-inflammatory Sesquiterpenes, another 40% is made up of Esters which have a marked relaxing effect on tissues- relieving tension in injured areas and allowing natural perfusion to take place. The third major component is a di-ketone, which signals tissues to regenerate. The di-ketones are rare and Helichrysum contains the highest know percentage. For best results apply right away after an acute injury. 


Skin care products - Add Helichrysm to skin care products for its skin-rejuvenating properties. It also has remarkable effects on sensitive and inflamed skin. 


It is said to clear the body of Candida apparently, which often thrives when vitality is low. Since it gives such a boost to the immune system, will therefore help to keep such allergies and infections at bay. It is also said to regulate blood pressure.


Healing of emotional scarring - Add to a blend for diseases where there is an emotional etiology, particularly addictions and heart disease. Use in counseling to bring to the surface feelings that have been denied.


Addictions - This oil helps one detox from alcohol, drugs, and nicotine, releasing the body and mind from addictive patterns. Make a blend to diffuse or to rub on the heart area.  I


Coronary complaints & phlebitis - Helichrysum opens the flow and strengthens the heart. Rub a blend of Helichrysum and carrier oil on the heart area. Its anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating properties also help repair swollen or weak veins.

Spiritual growth - Helichrysum's ability to heal emotional scarring is great for stress related conditions. People who feel exhausted, lethargic or debilitated find rapid improvement from just inhaling the oil. Its a great oil for helping to deal with all kinds of emotional issues.


Try using Helichrysum Italicuum to help fade under eye circles. Be sure to dilute in the carrier oil of your choice and be very careful around the eyes. You'll need very little so dilute well.


A body oil mixed with two ounces of sweet-almond oil, ten drops of helichrysum oil and five drops of rose-geranium oil leaves the skin soft and smooth. The oil is said to protect skin from drying and help relieve psoriasis. Massage the oil into the skin immediately after a shower or bath to enhance absorption.


The antispasmodic and expectorant properties of Helichrysum oil is said to help relieve congestions, loosen mucus and soothe coughs. Blend three drops each of Helichrysum, Eucalyptus and Frankincense oils in two tablespoons of sweet-almond oil. Massage the blend onto the entire chest area.


Gum Inflammation - Helichrysum has a powerful anti-inflammatory action that can alleviate gum inflammation. Mix one drop of Helichrysum oil in one half teaspoon of which-hazel extract. Dip your toothbrush into the blend, and gently rub over the inflamed areas.


Varicose or Spider Veins - Take 2 drops Cypress and 2 drops Helichrysum and dilute oils in 1 tablespoon V-6 or other carrier oil, and massage over affected area 3-4 times daily.


Anti-Wrinkle Serum - Take 2 oz. Jojoba oil, 8 drops Helichrysum, 6 drops Frankincense, 4 drops Sandalwood, 3 drops Lavender, 2 drops Rose, Jasmine or Ylang Ylang and mix them in a small glass jar with jojoba oil, stir well with toothpick. This oil may be used day or night or both for a truly enhancing and youthful appearance.


Avoid getting too close to eyes.


Old Scars - A combination of Helichrysum and Sage will help old scars and slow healing wounds. Apply 3-6 months for old scars or 2x/day for 10 days on recent wounds.  Here are the amounts to use for a large batch (it will last for quite a while):  Everlasting (1 ml),  Sage (1 ml), Rose Hip seed oil (15 ml = 1/2 oz.), and Hazelnut Oil (15 ml = 1/2 oz.).


Wounds - The regenerating potency of the oil has its parallel in its physiological effects. The oil is quite effective in physical trauma. Helichrysum can be used as an emergency first aid treatment of injuries. It can be applied drop by drop to bleeding wounds, even large ones, if medical help is not available. It will reduce and even stop hemorrhage until medical treatment is available. It has been found to be extremely useful in severe burns and in the regeneration of tissue during wound healing. Healing occurs much faster and more completely, from the very first stage of treatment of a bleeding wound until the last stages of scar formation. As long as the wound is open, I recommend applying the undiluted oil drop by drop might even be better to apply the oil to clean fingers and then apply to wound.


IMPORTANT - In the case of a wide, bleeding wound, it is recommended to apply a compress with pressure to stop the bleeding and speed healing. As soon as the wound is closed, apply the Helichrysum diluted in a carrier oil. When you apply it regularly on a closed wound, almost any wound will heal without a visible scar. It is strongly recommended, therefore, as a treatment after surgery. Older scars can be regenerated to an invisible state when Helichrysum in a base of rose hip seed oil is applied every day over several months.


Helichrysum Testimonial from a friend:


"My sister suddenly had complete nerve deafness in her left ear 19 years ago. Doctors told her there was nothing they could do. After hearing that they had had success in Egypt using helichrysum for nerve deafness, she decided to give it a try. What did she have to lose? After faithfully applying one drop of helichrysum daily to the mastoid bone behind her ear for 7 months, she had regained significant hearing in her left ear. After 11 months, it was even greater. Praise God for helichrysum!


I have to say that I have been investigating the essential oils and am just amazed at what God has provided for us and not just in one or two oils but many.  They each seem to have various qualities about them to provide numerous healing affects...Hallelujah!!!  And when you anoint them in or on your body as well as pray over it as you are applying the oils, what a powerhouse it is!!!  Just think, God is providing these oils and in exchange we receive healing and health and more dependance on HIM.  Isnt the Lord just AWESOME?


Blessings and have a Jesus filled day!!!

Fran Berry


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