Thank you to all who were able to contribute to our ministry trip to Germany/Switzerland! We received enough for Melinda to be able to go with me! Thank you SO much! We will leave for Germany on Tuesday afternoon and arrive in Germany on Wednesday. That will give us Thursday to get over our jet lag. On Friday we will head to Lenks, Switzerland and minister to several hundred high school students through Sunday. We then fly home Monday morning and arrive in the US on the same day. Following is how we ask you to cover us in prayer:

 Safe travel
 Protection for our family who remains home
 Quick recovery from jet lag once in Europe
 Wisdom as to how to lead the students in worship
 Wisdom in what to minister to the students
 Opportunities for in-depth, one-on-one ministry with students
 God's healing and wisdom to be multiplied and sent around the world through these international students...that fruit would be born for years and for generations as a result of what we are able to impart

Thanks for joining us in this mission!
Dennis & Melinda

Worship From the Living Room
Since we will be coming back from Germany and are scheduled to arrive in the afternoon of the first Monday in March, we feel it would be safe to assume I would be exhausted from the travel. We will move the broadcast to the following Monday, March 14th. Worship From the Living Room begins at 9 PM CST. To join in this intimate time of worship simply click on the following link: www.livestream.comdennisjernigantv. Sorry for the inconvenience!




Hymns I  Pre-order Your Copy Today!

You can pre-purchase the CD right now at


Hymns and songs are:

  1          I Stand Amazed in the Presence  I Stand Amazed                                           

  2          There is a Fountain  Who Can Satisfy My Soul                                

  3          Softly and Tenderly  When the Night is Falling                                        

  4          It Is Well With My Soul  Hide Me in the Cleft of the Rock                    

  5          Amazing Grace  Thank You, Lord                                                         

  6          'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus  I Will Trust You                           

  7          Holy! Holy! Holy!  I Cry Holy                                                              

  8          What a Friend We Have in Jesus  You Are My All in All                           

  9          When We All Get to Heaven  I Long For the Day                                      

10         Just As I Am  I Revel in the Love                                                      

Bonus Song

11          Indescribable

 New Book - Sacred Cows in Science

Recently, I was asked to write a chapter on homosexuality for a new book by a friend of mine, Norbert Smith, who happens to be a scientist. Following is the press release for that book. Please strongly consider purchasing a copy for you and one for your pastor. This is a vital resource for those who desire to maintain a Christ-centered world-view in a darkly secular world.


Sacred Cows in Science Provides Dissenting Opinion on a Range of Topics

Norbert Smith is a scientific rebel. In his previous science book, Passive Fear, Smith detailed his 30-year investigation into how animals respond to fear, showing how the standard scientific view of fear responses was wrong. In his latest book, Sacred Cows in Science (ISBN 1456585169), Smith joins a host of scientists, researchers, historians, and polymaths to take aim at a number of supposedly settled ideas in science.

As Michael Crichton once said, Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had.

The topics engaged in this volume are as diverse as the people arguing for them.
Topics covered include black holes, global catastrophes, global warming, evolution, behavior, and others. The book is a celebration of the freedom of dissent and of its necessity in science and public policy.

The book's publication comes on the heels of recent legislation introduced in
Oklahoma.  Oklahoma House Bill 1551, the Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act, aims at affirming the right of dissent in scientific education.

Sacred Cows in Science is available now for purchase by going to

For more information about the book, or to schedule an interview with any of the
authors, or to receive a copy of the book for review, contact Jonathan Bartlett at The Blyth Institute - 918.516.5005 or email at



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