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 Theresa Phillips new Book release :
Monarchy of Heaven A Royal Priesthood
After 14 Years of study and even approaching Buckingham palace for information
Theresa Phillips has written a book that will change your life !
You can learn to become  a Heavenly Ambassador and part of the Royal Family of God
This book has  12 chapters
1 A Royal Priesthood 2 Understanding the heavens 3 The Palace  4 The Priesthood of God 5 Consecration 6 Aaron 7 Zadok 8 Melchizedek 9 Transfer of power 10 The demands of a king 11 A Matter of Honor
12 Living the Monarchy :
Pastor Theresa s Passion for the church to come into her kingdom inheritance is laid out on the pages of this manual. If you are not a scholar of royal protocols and priestly order you will become one after studying this curriculum, that will become a lifestyle.
 Dr. Marina McLean
 Global Glory Ministries:

Pastor Theresa Phillips is a dear friend and General of the faith whom has studied the principles of the Royal Protocols and Kingdom order for over 14 years.  As you read the book "A Royal Priesthood the Monarchy of Heaven"  you will truly understand your position as a Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation and a Peculiar people. 

In the pages of this book, you will Learn the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven and why the western culture has neglected to grasp its importance.

Pastor Theresa has done a tremendous job explaining  the differences between the Melchizedek and Aaron orders.  Through the book you will come to understand that we are Priests after the order of Melchizedek, just like Jesus, our High Priest as well as Kings in the line of David, just like Jesus, the Son of David. You will also be enlightened about these 2 offices and how they are intertwined under the "Melchizedek" anointing. They are intertwined under Jesus' anointing, and they are intertwined under YOUR anointing, they are inseparable. You are a Royal Priesthood, a Kingdom of Priests of God, and your calling is an Eternal one just like Melchizedek's and Jesus'.

Through the book you will see how extremely important that we become conscious of these offices that ALL believers are called to stand in. They are the calling of God on all of our
lives. We will be Kings and Priests forever.

We believe that you will be blessed reading this book for it is anointed and appointed for such a time as this.

Allen & Francine Fosdick

People of Prophetic Power Ministries

Up front in the Prophetic Radio



Pastor Theresa is am amazing woman of God and a very dear friend.

Theresa is truly a woman after the King and His Kingdom.

I would like to recommend The Monarchy of heaven.

her powerful revelatory teaching on the precepts of the Kingdom of God The Monarchy of Heaven are eye opening and a NOW word for the Body of Christ.

I love this book because it helps the body of Christ understand the protocols and principals of Kingdom life. She teaches many vital keys for Kingdom Living.

After reading this book you will be equipped with a new revelation and understanding of the Monarchy of Heaven, God will richly bless you through this exciting new book.

Richard Hanson

Richard Hanson Ministries


Pastor Theresa is a rare jewel. She has the key of David to unlock the mystery of the King and the domain of the kingdom of God.

This book is a must for those who want to know the about the King of kings.and He he operates the realm.

Dr Jeremy Lopez


Identity Network Inc.


In A Royal Priesthood- The Monarchy of Heaven Pastor Theresa Phillips has captured and put into words the key principals of living in the Kingdom of God here on earth as it is in heaven.

I would encourage everyone who desires to know and understand the kingdom of God to read this book and what it means to live life now as king and priests .

It will transform you as you dive in study it and them walk it out in the earthly realms as powerful and anointed Ambassador  for the King of kings.

Damon Stuart

Damon Stuart Worship Ministries






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