March 14, 2011


It is our desire to ask you to lift up in prayer a family that resides on a property currently owned by Aaron.  A few years ago now, they met with Aaron in response to an ad that was posted regarding this property being for sale.  They discussed all of the things that needed completed and responsibilities for each side regarding their purchasing the property.  They had a home they were trying to sell and when it sold, they were going to pay for the property belonging to Aaron.  It was the Lord that brought them and the husband was a man of respect and integrity.


A few days after their agreement, the husband was shipped out to Afghanistan.  He is currently serving in the military.  His wife and their daughter now live on the property.  He has only been home once since his initial meeting with Aaron.


We know he is busy and has a lot of responsibility, however, communication for the last year since he had last been home had become non-existent until yesterday.  He finally acknowledged an email that I had sent on behalf of Aaron.  This is a start but there are still unanswered questions that we need to have answered.  To date, he has been unable to pay the property taxes that are due on the property and he has not communicated with us regarding the payments for these taxes.


      Please pray for the Lord to open things up again with this man and his family.

      Please pray for his continued safety in Afghanistan.

      Please pray for him to choose to show respect and honor again by responding to the questions we need answered.

      Please pray for his family here in the states, that their needs would be met.

      Please pray that the needed funds would come in for them to be able to pay the property taxes that are due before further penalties or actions are taken.

      Please pray for his other home to sell so that he can complete the agreement with Aaron and bring closure to their agreement.


Thank you for lifting them up in prayer.  We will be sure to share praise reports with you as the Lord opens things up again.


In His Love,

The Living Water Ministries Staff


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