HUB meets tonight 7pm at the Doubletree Oakbrook 1909 Spring Road in The Den. We will be in worship and intercession for the upcoming conference.

If you'd like to join us to view the venue and "pray over the land" we will do that at Riverwoods this afternoon. We will do this again at a later date. We will meet at the east end of Pheasant Run parking lot. Our car pool will depart at 4pm so try to get there a little early.

If you miss us, here are directions: From Pheasant Run (google it) turn left and go West on Rt 64 (North Ave). At Rt 25 turn right. (just before the Fox River). Take Rt 25 north about 3 miles to May Street which is just after Army Trail Rd. Once on May follow the signs to Riverwoods. It is about a 10 minute drive from Pheasant Run. My cell is 847-401-8554.

Things are lining up nicely for the conference September 15-18, 2011. The website is still a little tricky, so please keep praying over that. Our goal is to have it all up and functional to open registration Tuesday. Please be ready as we like HUBsters to have 1st chance to register. This will sell out fast as only the first 1000 can come.

We will have Healing Rooms and Personal Prophetic Ministry for the 1st 200 registrants (pick one or the other). I will send you an email as soon as registration is ready for you. We are excited that Dave and Donna Westforth from Valpo Bethel Healing Rooms will once again oversee Healing Rooms, when they bring in teams from the entire region. It is a wonderful blending of unity to see¯ and to hear the testimonies. 

It is a very different but exciting conference. Mahesh Chavda will open us Thursday night which is always incredible. Georgian Banov will join us Friday. Heidi and Rolland Baker will be here all weekend with the intent to bless you and minister to you. Can you imagine? It is not your typical "come in preach, pray for as many as you can and fly out" kind of meeting. No. They want to be available to you. That is why we are limiting the number. So come hang with us for the weekend! The Lord has had blessing you on His mind,  beyond your expectations. Isn't it wonderful to have a God who is tickled by allowing His blessings to flow toward you!?

Alaska was exceedingly beyond as well. I can hardly wait to tell you¯ but for another time! Blessings to you and yours,








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