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I love prophecy I love word of Knowledge I love the gifts of the Spirit THEY ARE FOR TODAY !
Somehow we get it mixed up... we loose focus and get discouraged
BUT when the Spirit of the Lord is Present Their is LIBERTY meaning freedom
2nd Cor 3 V 17
Isn't that wonderful .... ???
So this weeks words are full of Uplifting messages
At Chicago Prophetic Voice we strive bring you Good News
Please enjoy
Francis Frangipane ,Bob Jones, Rick Joyner .Angela Greenig
Diane Supowit, Robert Ricciardelli, Keith Miller, Lana Vawser
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Ministerial Protocols School of The Royal Priesthood
Day 1
1 A Royal Priesthood
2 Understanding the Priesthood
3 The Palace
4 The Priesthood of God
5 Consecration
Day 2
6 Aaron The Priest
7 Zadok the Priest
8 The Order of Melchizedek
9 The
Transfer of Power
10 The Demands of a King
11 A Matter of Honor
12 Living The Monarchy
What do people say about this book?
Dr Marina McLean; www.GlobalGrlory.org
As you read this manual , you will find that things that you comprehend the title of a king, How to receive your heritage and function with an eternal reign
You will find that when you honor the title responsibility goes with it.
The cares of a kings subjects reflect upon him as he provides for them.
Pastor Theresa Passion for the church to cone into her kingdom inheritance is laid out on the pages of this manual. if you are not a scholar of royal protocols and priestly order you will become one after studying this curriculum that will become a lifestyle
Dr Jeremy Lopez www.identitynetwork.net
Theresa has the key of David to unlock the Mystery of The King and the domain of the Kingdom of God This book is a must read for those who want to know about the King of Kings and how he operates in that realm


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