Edward Fudge



IF GOD WILLS -- "If God wills." You know I say that all the time -- and I really mean it. Yet at times I wonder if I subconsciously think of these as "magic words" like "Mother, I enjoyed my dinner; may I be excused?"--to which the answer is always an automatic "yes." The past two weeks have been filled with reminders that this is not the case. For mortal creatures to say "If God wills" is nothing but an acknowledgement of reality--and, if we say it sincerely, we unequivocally submit to it in advance, whether the final answer turns out to be "yes" or "no."

BLOGGERS REVIEW "HELL--A FINAL WORD -- It is gratifying to read two enthusiastically-positive reviews of Hell--A Final Word, my third book on the subject, aimed at the popular audience of regular "real" people! First came blogger Jay Guin, an elder, attorney, and grace-man in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. When Jay writes, I listen, even if I finally have a different opinion (which is rare). Read his review here.

Then came a detailed two-part review by David Smith, a Christ-centered preacher and blogger from Baytown, Texas. Read part 1 of David's critique here, and read part 2 here.

FREE BOOK FOR BLOG REVIEW -- Book reviewers with a blog can sign up to receive a free copy of Hell--A Final Word in exchange for a review. Leafwood Publishers/ACU Press posts all the reviews on a special page, where you will also find instructions and details.

NOW ALSO ON KINDLE -- Happy to report that Hell--A Final Word is now available on Kindle--and other electronic book readers as well! Download in seconds from or or your favorite source.

MEDICAL UPDATE -- After six days in Methodist Hospital (and an epidural steroid injection) and nine days in Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital (and at least three hours daily of physical therapy), I came home Saturday afternoon, with an appointment to receive further P.T. at the latter facility as an outpatient, three times weekly for at least three weeks. I now understand that pain will come and also go. And I can somewhat control or at least influence that. I know that pain is bearable, and have experienced such pain in the beginning to make anything now likely seem less painful by comparison. I know that no harm is being done when pain comes. Have already strengthened my trunk, arms, shoulders and legs some noticeable amount. This is going to work!

SPIRITUAL ATTACK? -- The movie "Hell and Mr. Fudge" is intended to stimulate thought about final punishment and the way the traditional view of unending torment affects people's view of the character of God. If, as I believe, the traditional view is not true, it would not be surprising that the enemy would seek to obstruct and even destroy the movie before it ever opened. Executive producer Pat Arrabito raises that question is this excerpt from her latest report to special friends.

"Hell and Mr. Fudge" is completed! At a time when we have every reason to rejoice and praise God because He has brought a dream to fruition, we find ourselves on our knees asking for more. It's not that we're not excited, pleased and thankful--we are! But just as post-production reached completion, two of our team were struck down with serious health challenges. Is this the devil, come down having great wrath, because he knows he has only a short time (Rev 12:12)?

Edward Fudge suffered unbearable pain in his left leg as he taught several sessions at Pepperdine University a few weeks ago. He was sharing clips from "Hell and Mr. Fudge" and presenting [surprises from the Bible] about the fate of the lost . . . The verdict? Bulging discs impinging upon vital nerves.

Jeff Wood, our producer and director for "Hell and Mr. Fudge" . . . ended up in the hospital at almost the same time - with kidney failure plus a diagnosis of lymphoma. Additional tests will determine treatment, but I don't need to tell you that this is serious. Jeff needs divine intervention.

We are holding both of these dear men up to the throne of Grace, asking for healing and restoration, for freedom from pain, for comfort, hope and courage. Would you also add them to your prayers?



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