Thus saith the LORD:

"The grace of peace is about to be removed from the nations. The grace of financial security and stability is about to be removed from the wealthy nations that have hoarded their money and resources from the poor of My people. I will remove the shields of protection and allow the enemies of the West to bring destruction through acts of terror. War is coming in Israel, the Middle East and to the West. Once the Red Horse of War is loosed, it will not cease on the earth for seven years until I return to set up My Kingdom upon the earth. The time of Tribulation is almost upon you, O earth, earth, earth - hear the Word of the LORD!

Look to when I take my servant Billy Graham home. When I do, it shall be a prophetic sign that the Age of grace will end soon after. Wake up and be ready for My appearing in this Midnight Hour, O backslidden church - I am coming for My Bride who has made herself ready. Repent and prepare to meet thy God, or to be left behind to endure the My wrath upon the wicked of the earth who have hardened their hearts against Me. O EARTH, EARTH, EARTH, HEAR YE THE WORD OF THE LORD."
Maurice Sklar
August 16 2012
Maurice Sklar Ministries . 12127 Mall Boulevard . Suite A440 . Victorville, CA  92392
Tel   (646) 244-7350 .


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