Words to encourage you

By Yolanda Ballard  

From the heart of the Father to the heart of His people the Lord expressly gives a warm welcome that you envelope yourself in His love and grace and that you visit the lost as if they were your very own family. Love your neighbor as you would your very own family, but in this day and time many families are not close, because the enemy was allowed to steal, kill and destroy relationships, because they were not grounded in the love of the Father. But I tell you today to not allow it to happen any longer. 

Be open and ready for the Lord is pouring out His grace in restoring all that the enemy had set out to do. And that includes relationships between those in the body of Christ that had been divided through the deception of the enemy in pouring out heresies, yes, lies, doctrines that were from demons, and legalistic encounters to control and manipulate My people. Yes, this is the day for restoration. My heart cry is that we be one as I and My Father are one. 

Yes, join together in My truth. Cry out for Truth and restoration, for unity, for without it you will not make it against the enemy of your soul. Join together, My beloved, and open your hearts that I may teach you even the basics of My word once again to gain a sure foundation. Yes, this will be a refresher course in My word, and we will breeze through this undoing the lies of the evil one and gaining the knowledge that had been lost in the turmoil, and you will come out stronger than before, and we will build upon a sure foundation of My truth and love, and we will go out and spread the gospel of My love to those I gave My life for. 

Be ready for a breakthrough, for the revelation of My light, for the purging to begin, for I AM pouring out My fire and My rain, and I AM readying My people to go out to reap the harvest like never before. For this is the time I AM pouring out My grace and glory and My love upon My Bride, and I AM restoring all that the canker worm has destroyed, and the palmer worm, and the locusts. For you have no part of the curse that is poured out on the disobedient. 

I have promised you life abundant. And those who have suffered great loss and have endured long, this is the time I will reward you for your faithfulness for staying by My side. You have looked past the loss with the hope and expectancy of restoration. And the promise is yours. For I AM the Lord of the breakthrough and of new beginnings. Let the past melt away. Keep your eyes on tomorrow, the day of new beginnings. Look past the threshold and see the open door of blessings for it is yours to take for you and your household, for the nations. Reach out and take what is yours. 

All My promises to you are yes and Amen if you hold first in your life My will and My kingdom, if you will reach out to the lost, and love your families. Yes, if you meet My conditions, you will prosper and be in health as your soul prospers. And as you step out and ground yourself in My word, your joy and peace will return, and My love will flow like a river through you. 

Yes, this is the day that My people rise up and be all that I've called them to be.....a worshiper, a warrior, one that will not settle for less than the best. My will be done, My kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven! 



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