Aloha, Family:

It is not often that I hear something loud enough but not clear enough and thus with hesitancy rather than clarity I share the urgency of what is pressing on my heart and spirit.

I can only deliver what I am getting and allow others to discern both the accuracy and Biblicity of what is shared and call on the Mercy Seat of Christ for forgiveness if I am hearing things wrongly or if I am sharing things too prematurely before "their time.

I am fully committed to the Bible as God's Holy and Infallible Word to man.  I am convinced that the truth must be spoken, read, and followed in all things.  The Bible is the "more sure Word of Prophecy."  With that said, as I read the Word, I am aware that these endtimes are going to be unimaginable for many of us, regardless of our personal belief regarding the pre-Tribulation exist of all believers (called by many as the rapture).

Whatever may be the case, I am coinvinced that God will open up the understanding of the book (Daniel 12) and that we do have the Mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2).  Revelation 17:9 says, THIS CALLS FOR THE MIND OF WISDOM.

I am being stretched in my personal faith that God is separating the wheat and the tares in this early onset of distinctions.  I also believe that our sons and daughters will prophesy and our young men will have dreams and our old men will have visions, ALL FILTERED, BASED ON, AND JUDGED BY THE AUTHORITY OF THE BIBLE AS GOD'S HOLY WORD TO MAN.

I spoke on 2 Corinthians 12 about Paul getting revelations and clarity of understanding from the third heaven in messages that are inexpressible.  I am aware that God identifies those who are babes in Christ and not wise and prudents.  Those who are hearing from God will see things in codes so that they cannot quote God.  God can only be quoted from the Word, all other experiencs are measured by and some made irrelevant because of the inerrant authority of God's Word.

In the last course I taught, called THE PROPHETIC DREAMS, God began to release dreams to many of my students.  As they began to discuss their dreams with balance and wisdom, they began to notice how God was working through these dreams.

All have access, but not all are chosen. Those who are chosen will no other option but to accept the election of the Spirit's seal and will be assigned by mission and purpose to be recipients of the deeper things of God. . . DEEP CRIES OUT TO DEEP.

If we become proud, we disqualify ourselves.

If we become intoxicated with our understanding, we disqualify ourselves.

Those who walk with this ability will be humble, almost from an overly interactive imagination.

Those who enter the SPIRITUAL WAR ROOM will know how to pray, how to read, how to study, how to hear, how to move mountains, how to have faith, how to live through many situations, tested, provened, elected, called, chosen, and equipped by the power of God to fulfill the calling of mighty warriors.

In the SPIRITUAL WAR ROOM, God will speak to the hearts of the people, protected by Godly leaders of the church, leaders who are themselves called and chosen, sanctified and sealed for this purpose.

Dreams will come fluidly, interpretations will come wisely, and God will prove Him uniquely, not with the same demonstration so that others will see, others not even interested, but revealed only to those who seek His heart and desire to know Him and make Him known to the world.

In the SPIRITUAL WAR ROOM, orders will be given, clarity will be understood, and certainty with wisdom will marked the confidence of those who are always under accountability.



Adrian Yuen, Ph.D.



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