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   November 2012 - Vol. XXV - Issue 11



How much we have to be grateful for this year!  Our Lord and Savior is still on the throne!  All we desire in changes in our culture and nation will come as the Body of Christ takes its place in the Plan of God.  As we humbly seek His face, and recognize the depths of repentance we must reach, He will manifest the healing of our land.


We have had many personal challenges as well and the Lord is greater!  Our Heart Menders computer had problems and we have had to replace it.  Our budget could use some help, and we hope you will remember us in your Holiday giving!


Here is our report on our November meetings.  We began with our monthly Fellowship Dinner.  One of our regular families was involved in a surgery.  I can now report it was successful and TG is cancer free.  Other regulars were out of town.  We still had great food and an interesting discussion.  It was the evening of Election Day.  We rejoiced that Jesus is still on the throne and should we be disappointed, it was no comparison with His goodness to us!  A brief summary is in this clip.  ¯JESUS IS LORD¯  [Click here]


The next meeting was on the 13th.  We had a wonderful worship time.  The message was titled  ¯PURPOSE, PLACE, AND POWER¯. [Click here]..  You can view the whole message here.  It was an amazing revelation of what Father has given in Ephesians 1:17-19.


Our third meeting was unusual.  I seldom repeat a message, but at 4:45 pm, received a call from Tom, who was scheduled to speak that he had his mother at the ER and wouldn¯t make it to the meeting.  I repeated the message from October on ¯THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB¯.  [Click here]   We saw that we need to have some revelation of what was provided for us by His Blood, and how that enables the Glory to manifest in our lives.  If you didn¯t watch it last month, don¯t miss it today.


Our last meeting for November was on the 27th and Reverend Tom Daniels¯ prophetic message was ¯ARE YOU LISTENING?¯  [Click here].


The classes at THE JESUS HOUSE have been from Tuesday Life Skills classes as the Lord leads.  We now have intercessors covering the Thursday activities!


Our interviews in November were amazing!  On the 6th, Dr. Dean Trulear who works nationally with HEALING COMMUNITIES, engaging churches to heal community issues.  On the thirteenth, Brian Blount helped us anticipate the LIVE IT! WITH LOVE AND POWER, to be held November 28 to December 1st.  On the 20th, my guest was Dr. David Lee, who is working as a Pastor with the Oklahoma Health Department and involving believers and churches in meeting health needs.  His work is known and honored throughout the nation.  I shared, as reported above, on the 27th. I am so blessed to have the privilege of showcasing what the Lord is doing.


Please encourage your friends to watch our show on Tuesdays at 12:30 Central Time live, or anytime on the archives, at HeartMenders.tv.    Also, there are 3 to 25 minute video teachings on HeartMenders.tv.  We are videoing the blog segments, found as text at www.marriagecoachblog.blogspot.com and adding them to the HeartMenders.tv address.  More fifty of the sixty clips have been filmed and uploaded.  It is a great way to help friends who are struggling in their marriage.  Most folks need some amount of healing, and every marriage can improve!






Please pray for Heart Menders! We continue to lift up Education/Youth prayer, this is very strong from the Lord.  So is prayer for marriages and families.  I have asked for Pray-ers to take an assignment to cover each weekly and ongoing activity with an hour of prayer per item weekly.  So far I have people who are praying for the Thursday classes for an hour each week, and for our ministry to marriages.  I still need prayer cover for

       The Tuesday evening Life Skills Class, 7pm

                                    The Streaming Live Internet Video program, 12:30pm weekly

                                    Preparation and Writing projects-several each week

                                    For all the video material we have to be a successful outreach

                                       For wide distribution of print books, e-books, CDs, and DVDs

                                    For future social networking and that I will learn how to use it

                                    For the finances for Heart Menders

                                    Possible future outreaches/ supplying materials to prisons

The A-Team Pray-ers are taking the first Saturday of each month to set aside an hour to pray for Heart Menders and to fast as the Lord leads.   This next month it will be December 1st . Please join us!


For prayer for yourself or loved ones, call (405) 495 HOPE, or e-mail carolgordon@heartmenders.org




KEEP STRONG IN PRAYER! HIS SPIRIT WILL DIRECT OUR PRAYERS.  THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER!  There is warfare on every front.  Keep praying for Israel.  It is not the politicians that will change the Nation, it is the Body of Christ taking their place.  The Lord has unique assignments for each of us.  Apply the Blood and pray blessings for the Lord¯s work in your family.  Call the Body of Christ into position and to walk in love.  Pray for A GREAT AWAKENING!   I invite you again to join any of our prayer teams, see below for details.  Do be part of a local prayer group.  Always pray for your home church and Heart Menders.  Our Lord is on the move ¯ let¯s all move in concert with HIM!

Most of our activities now are structured for giving out, where we are doing the sowing.  Therefore, support has to come from others who rejoice in the vision.  I am so very thankful for our financial partners!  The Lord has connected us with such wonderful friends.  Your gifts, large or small, are joyfully received. Our mandate is to HUG THE WHOLE WORLD. Therefore, sharing the message of healing broken hearts and restoring of families is vital.  All working together we will turn the culture back to God!


Your sister in Him,

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Sign up by e-mailing me at carolgordon@heartmenders.org


For prayer for yourself or loved ones, call (405) 495-HOPE, or e-mail carolgordon@heartmenders.org






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