It is the weekend of the 10th of July and I have much to be thankful of for God's hand of protection and blessings upon and around my family and our endeavors. My last posting, I talked about Referendums and Recall Authority belonging to that class of rights "retained" by the electorate (we the people). This class of authority and responsibility should "Never be delegated" outside the control of the people. A note is caution is worth making here; Mob rule is an ugly thing, and there has to be a clear chain of command and the must germinate from the people to the elected officials we have chosen by Fair (1 person 1 vote, who has reached the age of majority), Just (as defined in the biblical sense and reiterated in the dictionary, not necessarily by a lawyer or judge), and Lawful (as meant in the biblical sense, as in rules that apply to all peoples equally and adopted after referendum), and then applied by our elected representatives serving in whatever capacity they are elected to serve in. Only then can they be truly of, by and for the people. Another side of Freedoms is being free to stop and change, if we find we have chosen unwisely, unjustly, or administrative codes written to help administrate get out of control. If we come to believe we were deceived into making an unjust or unconstitutional form of any given law, no matter the immediate need that justified its implementation, Short term sunset time durations, Referendums and Recall authority are our only method of automatically resetting the default mechanisms of our intent to retain control over elected representation, the conclusion at the end of any endeavor to bypass the peoples authority and restores constitutional authority back to the people. Not impeding their regaining control of public servants. This is why we must have and retain Referendum's and Recall Authority at every level of government throughout this country. We can not trust a person who is willing to spend more on campaign cost to be elected to an office then the office pays in a given year. Nor should we allow outside campaign sources to any elected office be an influence to the person holding that office or the political group helping any individual get into office be able to dictate to the office holder how they will vote on a given agenda the group has a "stake" in. Our elected representatives must be free to vote according to their constituents "mandate", made clear not by their election only, but by any petition, or referendum presented to them by a clear majority (not 51%) but an uncontestable majority (75%) of the registered qualified voters in their respective electorate. Religiosity, Party Politics, and Big Money has no place in a true republic. A land of the free and home of the brave must be fee to act Fairly, Honestly, Justly, applying just judgment where it is called for swiftly (daily to 30 days or less). , and applying it with compassion where called for. Our current constitution is not a living document, in that it can change or evolve, as much as it is for the living of each generation to discover the bedrock truth an absolute truths that led to its being our form of government's bedrock. We the people of this United States cannot allow the constitution to become just another document that the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches can manipulate to our now approaching and eventual detriment or demise. It is beyond time we take back American and be once again a nation whose laws and elected officials are beyond question responsible and accountable to we, the people. Any current, or future elected and or appointed official must be held to strict public accountability for their actions while in office or acting as a representative to those in office. We don't need a Corporation (a legal entity) approach, we need we the people to be for the people and answerable to the people. I mean by this, that it will take only a 51% majority to remove them from a given office or appointment. Why the difference? We don't want to rush a process, but we don't want to bleed to death after being wounded. Next time I will cover what mechanisms we can use to make all this work decent and orderly. Until we meet again InJesus. May our Lord and Savior keep and maintain you and yours in His peace.