Daily Golden Footprints

Prophet Grady and Prophetess Frances Lloyd  


August 4, 2013


Dear Faith Family,

I have been writing and sending the Daily Golden Footprints for over six years now each Monday through Friday in obedience to the Holy Spirit to teach you faith and to stand with each of you for your needs to be met.

Now, I must ask you to stand with me for GradyŁs healing.  He had a major heart attack on Saturday morning.  He is still unconscious and on life support at this time,.  He is bleeding internally for some unexplained reason.  They have been unable to bring His blood pressure up past 70/46. 

I need you to stand with me now,.  Also, I ask  you to consider an offering.  We have   reached enormous expenses in the last  twenty four hours.

We love you all and will contine the Footprints as I can,

In Him,

Prophetess Frances Lloyd

To Send Offering wirte:   www.PayPal.com or 211 Northgate, Waxahachie, Tx.



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